Dream Team: McLaren and BMW May Join Forces for New Line of Electric Supercars

If you could close your eyes and wish into being a dual-headed company creating cars, it would probably be helmed […]


If you could close your eyes and wish into being a dual-headed company creating cars, it would probably be helmed by McLaren and BMW. 

The rock star companies produce between them some of the most powerful supercars and most desired private use vehicles on the track and roads today.

Now, they may be teaming up (again) to bring the world a new line of electric supercars – and yes, you can get excited.

Dream Team-up

The world class team-up that brought the world the McLaren F1 may be back and bringing with them the genius innovation of the electric supercar. 

Per Robb Report, “MotorAuthority reported last week that a “Memorandum of Understanding” for the project, which was signed by the two automakers back in March, could lead to the development of a new zero-emissions platform for McLaren’s future sports cars, supercars and hypercars.

The plan is that the folks at BMW’s M division will utilize that classic German engineering to design the powertrain and its accompanying motors, inverters and batteries. McLaren’s team at Woking, meanwhile, which is known for turning out aerodynamic silhouettes and lightweight carbon-fiber bodies, will be in charge of developing the chassis.”

If they bring this new car to life, they will be competing with some electric supercars that have heavy chops – including the Lotus Evija, but there’s some history that suggests they may be up to the challenge.

McLaren F1

After all, this isn’t the first time they’ve teamed up for the incredible.

Some call it the “greatest supercar ever built,” and McLaren is definitely happy to tout that title.

But there’s reason for that reputation that goes beyond swagger and braggadocio; the McLaren F1 is a feisty car that knows how to grip the road and roar to the front.

With a BMW-built V-12 under the hood, the McLaren is mean, lean, and consistently beats other cars to the top -including newer models. 

However, the new alleged car faces some challenges. While BMW has created some all-electric engines with serious growl and get-up-and-go, McLaren has yet to jump into the world of fully-electric cars with both feet. 

So blending BMW’s know-how with McLaren’s relative newcome status for an all-electric could make the project move in fits and starts, but it doesn’t matter.

Just knowing that this car is on the horizon soon is enough to lay all worries to rest; all there’s left to do is wait and see what they create.