2023 Genesis G80 EV is Sedan Luxury that Loves the Planet 

The 2023 Genesis G80 is just months away from hitting the streets, and the company’s commitment to a luxury sedan […]


The 2023 Genesis G80 is just months away from hitting the streets, and the company’s commitment to a luxury sedan is evident. 

While some companies are making electric vehicles smaller and more agile, Genesis is staying focused on creating a luxury sedan that meets the needs of their customers – and doesn’t try to fit them in a smaller, faster coupe. 

Here’s why the 2023 G80 EV is the luxury sedan you didn’t realize you needed but won’t want to live without.

G80 on the Way

Car buyers in California, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York will be the first to get their hands on this new EV, with a nationwide roll-out coming later. 

The G80 doesn’t change anything about the line’s model except the lack of a tailpipe and the addition of a charging port, begging the question – why bother electrifying it?

Genesis has pledged to go fully electric by 2030, but they don’t want to just create new vehicles – they want to overhaul the ones people already know and love. 

With a good luxury car, you don’t just want the next greatest thing – you want the next greatest thing and a reliable upgrade of the products you know and love. 

Differences in the G80 EV

The car boasts a lighter frame, with an aluminum body that makes it 11% lighter than its sister’s steel ones. However, the battery alone weighs over 1K lbs, so they hade to make up the difference somewhere. The battery sits under the floor rather than shoved in an empty spot like the trunk as in other EV conversions, so it sits low and heavy instead of shifting the center of gravity upwards, helping the vehicle keep its agility and handling. 

Forbes writes, “The G80 EV’s dual motors are equally sized; when working together, they can produce a total of 365 horsepower, down ten ponies from the ICE G80 Sport. But the EV also boasts a hefty 516 pound-feet of torque versus 391 lb-ft in the ICE. And the EV’s grunt is available, as in all EVs, from when the motors start revving. 

The electric G80’s extra weight, however, tends to equalize things. In a head-to-head zero-to-60 sprint, the G80 would likely end up in a dead-heat with the G80 Sport.

On the road, the G80 EV is well-grounded, exhibits little body roll and, while it doesn’t have the rear-wheel steering set-up of the G80 Sport, is fairly agile on its standard 19-inch alloys and all-season rubber.”

The battery charges quickly – from 10% to 100% in just under 7.5 hours, and provides a long range of over 280 miles when fully charged. 

Luxury Interior

And like any Genesis, the interior is as luxurious as you’d expect.

Gloved in luxurious Nappa leather, the interior boasts a driver’s seat that includes a massage feature and inflates and deflates certainly areas to keep the driver’s muscles loose and comfortable. 

The dash is sleek and streamlined, with a raised rotary controller for the touchscreen to provide an easier grip than the flush mount. 

Like most Genesis models, the car lacks unnecessary odds and bodkins will still delivering myriad luxury and convenience options, now with an engine you can drive guilt-free.

The price point starts at around $70K, and customers can look for the first vehicles to hit the market in late summer or early fall.