The Electric Mustang: Everything We Know About The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang EV is an electric crossover eyeing to revolutionize the legacy of Mustang while giving the masses a […]


The Ford Mustang EV is an electric crossover eyeing to revolutionize the legacy of Mustang while giving the masses a glimpse of the future of mobility. 

Mustang has been a renowned and respected name in the automotive world. It is famously known as a pony with a big V8 producing insane power and cruising down the highway at high speeds without breaking a sweat. The Ford Mustang was first introduced way back in 1964, and since then, the power figures have kept on going up while the design has become sharper. The Mach moniker was used by Ford in their 1959 Concept car, and it was used to denote something that moves faster than the speed of sound; since then, the fastest Ford Mustang has been given the Mach badge. 

As the world of automobiles is moving towards electrification, Ford has also decided to take a massive step concerning its iconic Mustang. Gone are the days of the big block V8 engine; the Mustang is now all-electric, and also following the trend of SUVs, it is now a crossover. This decision by Ford did not sit well with many automotive enthusiasts, as many still miss the rumbling sound of the engine. Still, things quickly settled down as Ford showcased the power figures of the all-new electric Mustang. It might not be a conventional powertrain, but it still is faster than ever and has been given the ‘Mach-E’ badge for its electric power plant. 

The Massive Electric Power

Being an electric vehicle, the biggest issue folks often face is with the range, and the Mach-E does not disappoint on that front as it delivers a range between 211 and 305 miles, depending on the powertrain option. Being an Electric vehicle, the Mustang EV comes with 2 battery pack options: the 70-kilowatt hour pack, which comes as standard, and the extended range version, which comes with a 91-kilowatt-hour battery pack. 

The smaller battery pack comes with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle, while the larger battery pack version comes with an all-wheel drive as standard. The single motor setup is capable of producing power figures between 266 and 346 HP, and torque figures range between 317 and 428 lb-ft. The all-wheel drive setup has a power figure of 480 HP, and the vehicle does a 0 to 60 mph run in just 3.7 seconds. 

A Quirky Design 

Using the Mustang name was a difficult decision for Ford, but it was done to get the people’s attention for its all-new vehicle. The Mustang was essentially known as a Grand Tourer and now shifting the whole design language to a crossover was a fairly difficult task. The car now sits more upright and has tremendously increased practicality over any previous Mustang. 

At the front, the vehicle has an all-LED headlamp unit. The vehicle’s front bumper also has larger air intakes than the GT line model, and the aggressive design gives it a sporty stance. The signature food trapezium grill is now covered with a black plastic panel housing the sensors for ADAS as there happens to be no engine that requires cooling. The bonnet has bulging parallel lines running the entire front of the vehicle giving it a muscular stance. 

Coming to the sides, the wheel size ranges from 18 to 20 inches, and depending upon the variant and to a small extent, this size also alters the range of the vehicle. A distinct design element of the Mustang EV happens to be the vehicle’s sloping roof line, making it look reasonably sporty. The contrast color for the mirrors, roof, and side skirt of the vehicle looks appealing too. The rear of the vehicle happens to be one of the most excellent angles for the onlooker as it is relatively clean and uncluttered. The LED tail lamps pack a throwback design element in the tri-bar setup, which resembles the design of the previous generations of the Mustang. 

A Roomy And Feature Loaded Interior

Unlike the exterior, the interior of the new Mustang EV has significantly less resemblance to any previous generation Mustang. The interior is wholly modernized to make it up to speed with its competition. The dashboard has a smooth, flowing, and streamlined design, which comprises the digital gauge cluster and a giant vertically mounted touch screen system. Since the vehicle’s battery pack is located underneath the floor, it liberates a lot of room for the passengers and cargo on the inside. 

The infotainment system happens to be a 15.5-inch unit that has all the modern-day and age features as standard. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can be operated wirelessly, and the system also features over-the-air updates. The Mach-E Also has a long list of features like customizable ambient lighting, wireless phone charging, panoramic sunroof, heated seats, steering wheel, and much more. 

Regarding the pricing, Ford Has competitively priced the Mustang EV as it carries a tag of around $44,000 for the entry-level trim, and it goes up to $66,000 for the GT Performance Edition. The Mustang EV faces strong competition from the likes of Tesla with the Model Y, Kia with its EV6, and Hyundai with its Ioniq 5. The Mustang EV has a lot going for itself, and it essentially comes down to the very prestigious name that it carries. In terms of performance, it delivers on every front and now has added practicality, making it an almost-perfect daily driver.