Provisionally Awaiting the Multiplayer Console System in New BMW

Electric cars are the wave of the future. That implies eventually, and you will probably have to wait 20 minutes […]

Electric cars are the wave of the future. That implies eventually, and you will probably have to wait 20 minutes or more at an EV charging station to get your battery fully charged. Even if it may not seem like much time, when you include the company you’re keeping in the vehicle, that wait will seem much longer. When you add three crying children to the mix, those 20 minutes will seem like a lifetime. Nonetheless, BMW claims to have solved the problem.

To help alleviate this problem, EV manufacturers are aware of it and taking action. In a Tesla, a user may play various video games, from classics like Asteroids to indie hits like Cuphead. The steering wheel and pedals may be used to operate some games in Teslas. Many Xbox controllers can’t be used with wireless headsets for games like Cuphead. BMW has made it apparent that it intends to enter the in-car gaming market as well, albeit the German carmaker is adopting a more relaxed and practical approach. The two companies have partnered up to deliver in-car gaming to BMW vehicles. 

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BMW said that the addition of gaming to its cars would “make any waiting scenario inside the vehicle, such as charging, a fun experience,” however, no particular models were identified. So, our assumptions were correct. BMW’s latest innovation was designed with electric vehicles in mind. Eventually, all BMW I models (the iX, the i4, and the i7) will include built-in game consoles. One unique aspect of this collaboration is that AirConsole is a publisher of shared-screen multiplayer games in which players use their smartphone as the controller. Scan the QR code with your phone to get access, and use your phone as a controller to join the game.

This method could be more practical than always needing to bring along bulky controllers for in-car gaming sessions. BMW’s entertainment software system will natively support the games so they can be downloaded wirelessly (OTA). You’ve probably never heard of the vast majority of the games offered on AirConsole since they’re so casual. But there are a few standout games, such as the smash hit puzzler Death Squared for multiple players. There will also be single-player options for those who want to go alone.

BMW has said that the games would be available in its cars in 2023, but it has not confirmed whether or not the games will be available for vehicles made before 2023 through software upgrades or whether they will be market-exclusive. We expect additional details to emerge as the official release date approaches. It would help if you outfit your automobile with the greatest available car protection gear since, contrary to popular belief, most long-term damage to cars occurs when they are parked.

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