2022 BMW i4 M50 First Test: This Electric Sedan Is Almost There

For electric performance cars like the 2022 BMW i4, we’ll need new words to explain its superiority and new descriptors […]


For electric performance cars like the 2022 BMW i4, we’ll need new words to explain its superiority and new descriptors to explain the features. BMW’s i4 is something entirely different than its other models. Let’s jump right into this giant beast and uncover some of its great features.


Great Luxury Electric Sedan

Fun To Drive 

Amazing Dynamics 

Smooth Operation


No Standout Feature In Cabin

Lumbar Support

Is the 2022 BMW i4 m50 better than Tesla?

Precision handling and a thrilling ride are both hallmarks of both the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 Performance. In spite of this, the BMW i4 M50 has more horsepower and performance-enhancing features which are not found in the Tesla Model 3. It surpasses Tesla with two factors: Charging and Service.

Is the availability of charging stations a concern for you if you are thinking about driving an electric vehicle? No matter if you’re driving across town or heading out on an extended road trip, your BMW i4 will always be charged. You don’t have to wait too long to get your charging done.

In terms of service, your EV needs regular maintenance to run at peak performance levels and BMW never forgets that. Local BMW dealerships offer state-of-the-art service and repairs for your BMW i4 while Midwest Tesla owners have only one service center in town to choose from.

Tesla and BMW both boast luxurious interiors, and both of these EVs will offer a comfortable and elegant ride. The BMW i4 takes it a notch further by adding a lift hatch that enables it to carry more cargo than the Tesla Model 3. Moreover, there are more doors and a bigger trunk volume in BMWs.

What’s so impressive about the M50?

With its incredible performance and sporty driving dynamics, you get all the benefits associated with an electric vehicle. As a bonus, you won’t have to wait long to continue your Decatur adventures when you need to charge up with the 2022 BMW i4. What is the charging time for the BMW i4? In as little as 31 minutes, the BMW i4 can charge from 10% to 80%. 

Say Hello to Next-Gen Technology 

A lot of work, and technology, has gone into BMW’s i4 range, which includes the M50. 

The i4 uses the current 3-series/4-series Gran Coupe underpinnings and adapts them accordingly, including increasing the wheelbase’s length by 5mm. Each axle has a motor instead of an internal combustion engine. A battery pack is bolted to the floor to increase stiffness and lower the center of gravity.

Talking about its speed and brakes, as you lunge toward your next braking, the M50 changes directions quite willingly, and its brutal acceleration blurs the scenery. 


Exterior – Experience the modern art

It all boils down to your opinion of the front fascia of the latest 4 Series when it comes to the looks of the i4. BMW’s giant beasts look bold, aggressive, and distinctive, and when you see them you know they’re BMWs. 

In place of chrome, it has high-gloss black bits around the window frames. A hockey stick-shaped accent running along the long axis lends the most visual flare to the design, with subtle flares around the wheels and a sharp character line.

Unusually High Battery Life

The i4 M50 gets a pliant adaptive suspension that benefits greatly from an electric vehicle’s lower center of gravity. CLAR’s latest platform can accommodate an 83.9-kilowatt-hour battery, which has 40% more volumetric density than BMW’s i3. The net usable power is 81.5 kWh, an unusually high 97%.

An EPA-estimated range of 227 miles can be achieved by i4 M50 with an 83.9-kWh battery and optional 20-inch wheels. EPA estimates its consumption to be 42 kWh/100 miles.

The Interior

Due to its ICE-based platform, the i4 does lose some rear-seat space, thanks to its vestige transmission tunnel. Similarly, it sacrifices cargo space behind rear seats, with 10 cubic feet versus 16.6 for the 4 Series GC. Your Autoblog testing will show that it is more useful than that 10 cubic feet implies but definitely compromised in this case. 

It has been an up and down ride for BMW’s iDrive user interface. Having both a touchscreen and rotary dial is an advantage in the i4 – the best part so far since it is easy to navigate. In spite of the fact that most controls are readily accessible to the driver, the seats cannot be adjusted to fit perfectly. On the plus side, the cabin feels roomy up front with good leg- and headroom. As a result of the i4’s sporty roof silhouette, headroom is slightly compromised in the back, with minimal toe space available.

Comfort? Quite Decent!

Let us focus on the comfort level of this car since it is still a sedan model. The ride comfort of EVs tends to be one area where they struggle. Over rough roads, EVs can feel stiff and flinty due to all the batteries they carry and the high tire pressures they need to handle that weight. As a result of its well-tuned adaptive suspension, the i4 M50 is both heavy and highly pressurized, but it manages to deliver a decently smooth ride, something neither the Tesla Model 3 nor Polestar 2 can claim.

Comfort in the front seats is also decent, but not exceptional. A lumbar support adjustment and a lower-thigh cushion extender are provided, but not enough levers are available to customize the seats to fit different body types. This system’s touchscreen-based climate controls are a great improvement over the previous controls, and its heat pump provides effective cooling and heating.

Cost of this luxury?

We don’t often talk about Electric Vehicles prices when we discuss extraordinary features. It’s hard to ignore how the i4 M50’s base price of $66,895 is quite lower than its competitors. It gives this sharp sedan a great advantage. 

Final Words

Designed with a hatchback-style trunk, the BMW i4 is an electric small sedan. With the M50, you’ll get a dual-motor powertrain for all-wheel drive and combined motor output of 469 hp and 538 lb-ft. As we expected, the 2022 BMW i4 M50 outperformed its EPA range and efficiency estimates, demonstrating that BMW’s motor and battery efficiency work pretty well in real-world conditions.