A Closer Look At The Alpine Alpenglow Concept

Alpine has just unveiled its latest concept car, the Alpenglow, and the automotive world cannot stop talking about it thanks […]


Alpine has just unveiled its latest concept car, the Alpenglow, and the automotive world cannot stop talking about it thanks to its stellar looks and cutting-edge aerodynamics. 

People would find it hard to believe, but Alpine as a company has been around for nearly half a century since it established its roots in motorsport. Alpine is a French automaker specializing in motorsport and racing cars, and the company was established in 1955. The company is also famous for collaborating with Renault to compete in Formula 1. Alpine has recently come up with an all-new concept car named Alpenglow. The vehicle made its premiere at the 2022 Paris Motor Show and looks very promising in terms of technology and design as it highlights the future design language of automobiles. 

While most manufacturers are now eyeing the electrification of their vehicles, Alpine believes that the future of automobiles can be more than just electric. Still, a relatively flexible approach can be adopted. In the future, the vehicles shall be powered by electricity or a hybrid powertrain and perhaps even hydrogen fuel cells, which is precisely what the Alpenglow concept showcases. Alpine has put a lot of time and effort into creating the Alpenglow concept, and it is fair to say it looks the part. 

A Cutting Edge Design 

The way the vehicle is designed is what generally gets people attracted to them, and the Alpenglow is no exception when it comes to this. To put it rather simply. The design looks rather futuristic and something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The vehicle almost looks like a Le Man’s racing hypercar, and the company has claimed that this is the starting point of all future designs, innovations, and technologies. 

In terms of the overall length of the vehicle is 5 meters long and just 1 meter high taking its inspiration from track cars. The vehicle also has some throwback design elements, like the wings of the vehicle are inspired by the A220 race car from the 1960s. Some of the materials and textures used on the vehicle could also extend towards the other cars from the Alpine range. Another design highlight of the vehicle happened to be the complex use of LED lights all around. The red strip of light on the nose of the car and the vertically stacked sharp-looking taillights are something that can directly inspire all future Alpine models. The wheels and rims of the vehicle are crafted out of a transparent material that tends to form a snowflake-like pattern. 

The car showcased at the Paris Motor Show also featured a single-sitting layout as the driver is positioned at the center of the vehicle in between two high-pressure hydrogen tanks. 

The Clean Innovation

The one thing automobile manufacturers are keen on these days is how clean and efficient their vehicles are. The Alpenglow concept showcases Alpine’s idea of clean Innovation, and zero-emission race cars could soon be a reality in the near future. The vehicle is expected to have multiple powertrains options, and that could primarily mean an electric power version and a hydrogen fuel cell version of the Alpenglow. 

The vehicle has two hydrogen fuel cells beside the driver, which would be of 700 bar capacity each. The technological advancement on this vehicle happens to be so otherworldly that it would just emit water vapor while running. The back end of the vehicle also has blue-colored tail lights, which indicate the hydrogen source of energy, and the front end of the vehicle has red-colored lights, which indicate a comet entering the earth’s atmosphere. 

Focusing On Sustainability 

The body of the vehicle is primarily crafted out of carbon fiber, most of which comes from recycled materials, leading the charge toward sustainability. The interior of the vehicle also features a steering wheel inspired by the LMP1 category racecar and has two dedicated buttons labeled overtake, which would unlock the full potential of the car momentarily. On the inside, a prism key slot also lights up to complete an illuminated dashboard pyramid as the car fires up, and triangle motifs on detail elements are designed to reference Alpine Mountain ranges. 

There are no official figures out on the performance and the powertrains on offer, but one can expect this to be a high-speed car considering the insane aerodynamics and technology it has on offer. The French automaker refers to its future lineup as ‘Dream Garage Models’. Three of them have already been confirmed and identified as EVs, including the A5 hot hatch, the GT-X Over high-riding grand tourer, and a new sportscar serving as the successor of the A110.

The future of Alpine indeed looks excellent ahead, and thanks to the new Alpenglow concept, enthusiasts can expect big things from the French carmaker in the years to come.