The Ultimate Lifestyle Super SUV: Inside The 2023 Lamorghini Urus S And How It Differs From The OG Urus

The 2023 Lamborghini Urus S is a powerhouse and keeps up beautifully with the mighty Urus name.  In August, Lamborghini […]


The 2023 Lamborghini Urus S is a powerhouse and keeps up beautifully with the mighty Urus name. 

In August, Lamborghini introduced a new look for the Urus at Pebble Beach by showing the new Performante model, a hotter derivative that will be presented in 2023. This updated S version of the extremely popular Super SUV represents the ultimate replacement for the Super SUV in its basic form. Sant’Agata Bolognese will be selling two flavors of their spiritual successor to LM002 for the very first time. 

Lamborghini’s only SUV, Urus, was first produced in 2018 and has been slaying it ever since. It is hard to find many variants of this supercar compared to its supercar siblings. It is now possible to choose from the Performante or the new Urus S, which is the new model of the SUV. Lamborghini has made some changes to the design of its Urus S over the pre-facelift vehicle and positioned it as the entry-level model under the hotter Performante. The Urus S appears to have been modeled after the Performante in terms of visual tweaks. It’s evident that the car’s front end has been updated with a more angular bumper; however, the large splitter is not present in the S.

The 2023 Lamborghini Urus S, with its opulent performance and gut-wrenching acceleration, is something drivers will always crave. 

A Raging Italian Machine

The Urus S boasts a twin-turbo V8 engine with a power increase of 666 HP, with a weight-to-power ratio of 3.3 kg/HP, which is more favorable than that of its Performante stablemate with a power increase of 666 HP. A significant improvement in acceleration is seen in the Urus S, which propels from 0 to 62 MPH in 3.5 seconds and reaches 100 MPH km/h in 12.5 seconds. With a top speed of almost 200 MPH, the Urus S can brake from 62 to 0 MPH in just 33.7 meters. At 2,300 revs per minute, its twin-turbo engine produces 627 lb-ft of maximum torque that can be boosted up to 6,000 revs per minute. To further emphasize the fact that the Super SUV is a true Lamborghini, it boasts a retuned exhaust system that makes it stand out with crisper notes for every driving mode.

Apart from providing super sports driving pleasure, the Urus’ chassis is equipped with an adaptive air suspension that facilitates the car’s ability to handle road surfaces with ease in STRADA, SPORT, CORSA, and EGO drive modes, with instant torque response and body balancing depending on the particulars of its three off-road drive selectors – TERRA, NEVE, and SABBIA. 

There is no doubt that the Urus S is the most responsive and powerful car in the Urus lineup, thanks to the same out-of-the-box calibration of the powertrain as compared to the Urus Performante. Additionally, the Urus S’s fine-tuned chassis adjustments provide its drivers a luxurious everyday driving experience. Urus S may just be 

owing to its outstanding versatility in its driving personality on any type of road and regardless of the weather conditions.

A distinctive feature of the Urus S is its specific and sophisticated design enhancements emphasizing its sporty yet luxurious persona. Colors, trims, wheels, style packages, and fine details have significantly expanded in terms of options, giving customers a wide range of choices from understated to fully sporty.

The Subtle Design Tweaks

A revised design for the front bumper includes a more refined line that combines the redesigned grille with a brand-new matt black-painted stainless steel skid plate that complements the black lines that run along the updated bumper. There are five more style configuration options one can choose from. Each configuration combines a body color, a matte black finish, and a carbon fiber component that is shiny and matte. Thus, the Urus S can be configured in a markedly individual manner. 

In addition to a new lightweight carbon fiber painted bonnet, matte black air vents are also available. Vents can be finished in gloss black, body color, or carbon fiber in a shiny or matte finish as an option. Its optional visible carbon fiber roof lends the all-new Urus S a sense of athletic elegance that is sure to impress. 

The new rear bumper styling gives the Urus S a more refined and elegant look. The lower part of the vehicle is given a matte black paint finish and comes with a twin-pipe exhaust as standard in brushed steel, with an option to have the exhaust in matt black or glossy black or an Ad Personam option in bright chrome. As well as the standard 21″ wheel, new rim options are available. The 22″ Nath rims can be chosen with a titanium matte or diamond polished finish, while the 23″ Taigete wheels can be selected with a bronze or diamond polished finish as an alternative.

The Stunning Saddle

There are many new colors and trim options available for the interior of the Urus S, as well as a variety of revised trims. Two new color options are available within the new Bi-color Sportivo and Bi-color Sophisticated models. Both models feature the updated Urus Performante stitching pattern. In the Bi-color Sportivo, the luxury black leather trim is enhanced with contrasting black leather piping alongside refined new Blu Leandro and Verde Aura colors alongside tan, cream, and brown leather to create a subtle and sophisticated use of the complementary color. 

The new color and trim options that are available for the Urus S have been designed to enable owners to customize their cars to suit their lifestyles while maintaining the high-performance credentials of the vehicle that conveys an air of understated and timeless luxury.

Several in-car control services, like the connected navigation and security features, are available as part of the Urus S’s connectivity package. The Lamborghini Unica App allows users to manage features like Remote Park via their smartphones, while enhanced smartwatch features, such as virtual keys, are included in the app.

While Lamborghini is yet to confirm if a hybrid version of the car exists, for now, it has stated that it will electrify all of its vehicles by 2024. Currently, there is no official confirmation if the Urus might get a plug-in hybrid setup, which could be inspired by the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid at this point. The Urus S will come with a starting price tag of $190,551.