The Fastest Manual Hypercar: Everything We Know About The Koenigsegg CC850

The 2022 Koenigsegg CC850 is a new breed of hypercar with a manual transmission.  Koenigsegg is a particularly new name […]


The 2022 Koenigsegg CC850 is a new breed of hypercar with a manual transmission. 

Koenigsegg is a particularly new name in the ever-expanding world of hypercars, as it has been in production only for the past two decades. In 20 years, they have managed to showcase to the world what they are capable of as a company since most of the vehicles have given a tough time to some of the great legacy manufacturers. What makes these cars even more remarkable is the fact that every Koenigsegg model is hand built from scratch. Fine attention to detail and unparalleled engineering excellence is behind making every single Koenigsegg machine. Recently, the automaker made headlines again with the release of the all-new CC 850 hypercar, which packs a manual transmission. 

Koenigsegg has also claimed that the CC850 is the fastest production manual hypercar ever existed. The reason the vehicle is named CC850 is that it has been twenty years since the first Koenigsegg CC8 model hit the streets and also the fact that the founder of the company Christian Von Koenigsegg celebrated his 50th birthday. The company gave the world one of the best and fastest manual hypercars to commemorate these two auspicious occasions. What makes this vehicle even special is that along with the manual transmission, the car can also be operated with a 9-speed automatic gearbox. To achieve this level of engineering brilliance in a vehicle is close to witchcraft. 

The Jaw-dropping Power 

The information the company has officially released on their new CC850 model is relatively limited, but it is rumored to use a 5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. This happens to be the very same engine that does duty on the Koenigsegg Jesko, which is in a league of its own. 

The engine can produce a power output of 1385 HP when it runs on a premium quality E85 fuel. The use of standard gasoline can also run the vehicle, but the power figure drops to 1185 HP. The torque output of the car happens to be 1022 lb-ft and what makes it surprisingly fast compared to other hypercars Is that it has a 1:1 power to weight ratio. The vehicle has a curb weight of 1385 KG making it incredibly light and nimble. 

Talking about the vehicle’s gearbox, it is nothing short of a marvel to combine an automatic and manual in one. How this system works is that when the driver feels the need to take manual control of the car, the vehicle can operate with the help of a clutch and slot through the 6-speed transmission just like a regular manual car. Suppose there is a need to switch the vehicle to automatic mode. In that case, the driver has to shift the gear knob to the right, this activates the 9-speed automatic gearbox, and when slotted up, it goes into reverse, and when slotted below, 

it goes into drive mode like a conventional automatic. 

This system is referred to as “TWMPAFMPC” by Koenigsegg. This stands for “The world’s most powerful and fastest manual production car”. The company has not released any official performance figures, but it is expected to be north of 200 miles in the top-speed run. This model, in particular, will not be competing for any top-speed titles, but with more than double the power of the first Koenigsegg CC8, it will surely be fast and fun to drive. 

A Stellar Design 

The design of the newest Koenigsegg is very much an impression of the oldest one; it looks timeless and fresh at the same time. The new CC850 wears similar underpinnings to the previously launched Jesko. This means it has a super strong carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a proper modern-day hypercar recipe. 

The vehicle is set super low to the ground giving it an amazing downforce, and has those signature side air intakes to cool the engine bay. The windshield wiper sits right in the center, and the vehicle also has a large glass area, ensuring excellent visibility from all sides. The vehicle also takes some design inspiration from the first-ever Koenigsegg CC8. The tail lamp cluster, the celestial wheels, and a removable hardtop are all derived from the original vehicle. 

The interior design is fairly minimalistic, and carbon fiber is abundant all around. The three-pod gauge cluster shows the RPM, boost pressure, speed, and a few other performance-related factors. The gearbox has six slots for the manual mode and another two for the automatic unit, all paired into one. 

The production of the vehicle will be restricted to just 50 units, and the pricing will be announced shortly. What can be said with certainty is that all those vehicles will most likely be sold out even before their launch, such is the brand’s popularity. The CC850 is a fantastic car with groundbreaking technology. Koenigsegg has done something which has the entire automotive community in awe.