Cadillac Celestiq: Here’s All the Reasons Why it Could Run You $300K

Cadillac Celestiq, a car that has broken many breaking news records with a report from “The Wall Street Journal.” It’s […]


Cadillac Celestiq, a car that has broken many breaking news records with a report from “The Wall Street Journal.” It’s not even 2023 yet, but the news that it would cost around $300,000 has spread like wildfire. Cadillac Celestiq, a flagship Ultium-powered electric sedan, has equal amounts of vapor and vehicle. According to some sources, Celestic would enter production in 2023. But, the report states that less than 500 units would be made by handcrafting yearly. This will make it the most exclusive and rare sedan in the world. Since this news report is everywhere, here’s all the reasons why the Cadillac Celestiq could run you $300k.

Cadillac Celestiq

The handcrafted, custom-commissioned Cadillac Celestiq will be an all-electric vehicle. Celestiq mesmerizes a striking silhouette that leaves a lasting impression and redefines ultra-luxury with the spirit of futurism.

Standard and optional features include seating for four in the model with a touchscreen that runs the instrument panel’s length, an all-wheel-drive with a selectively tinted Smart-Glass roof, and the Ultra Cruise hands-free technology. According to the company, this feature will work in 95 percent of driving scenarios and on over 2 million miles of paved roads in the United States.

Reasons the Cadillac Celestiq could run you $300K

Here’s all the reasons why the Cadillac Celestiq could run you $300K:

Power & Performance

Not much information has been released by Cadillac on the Celestiq model yet, but it will surely be all-wheel drive and offer four-wheel steering. It will be Cadillac’s flagship electric car.

Comfort & Interior Features

First, it will come with a dashboard with one giant digital display, making Celestiq’s cabin a technological powerhouse. The company will give Four bucket seats, meaning each passenger will enjoy their space bubble. The roof is made from four intelligent glass panels that can be adjusted from transparent to opaque to translucent, and each passenger can control their little corner of the top.

Celestiq will get premium materials, including authentic metal accents, genuine leather, open-pore wood, and comfortable seats. Furthermore, we’ll have to wait for Cadillac to reveal detailed information about the Celestiq before we know precisely how this flagship will be outfitted. Despite what looks like a sedan body style, Cadillac says the Celestiq is technically a hatchback that bodes well for the cargo space.

Curved display

The Cadillac Celestiq would feature a reductive interior; that looks clean, simple, and extravagant with sophisticated technologies and sustainable materials. A large, curved LED screen of size 23 inches diagonally must be the centerpiece. Also, the climate control panel integrated into the dashboard installs ultra-slim air vents that help the interior look sleek and minimalistic.

Haptic interfaces

Like the BMW iX model, the Cadillac Celestiq will feature some haptic interfaces from the Immersion Corp’s Tier 1 licensees. Cadillac may integrate some controls into touch-based surfaces and keep them hidden until required.

Ultra Cruise – Compute Architecture

According to the company, the Ultra cruise feature will be revolutionary for the Celestiq, a hands-free technology that can work in 95 percent of driving scenarios. Moreover, the Compute architecture, which Qualcomm co-developed with the GM, will power the Ultra Cruise feature. It’s pretty compact and about the size of two laptops placed on top of each other, but still, it possesses the processing capability of several hundred PCs.

The Ultra Cruise computes consists of two SA8540P SoCs and one SA9000P AI accelerator that delivers low-latency control functions on 16-core CPUs and high-performance AI compute of more than 300 TOPS for the processing of the camera, LiDAR, and radar.

Qualcomm Technologies has designed the Snapdragon SOCs with the new 5-nanometer process technology, superior performance, and power efficiency. Therefore, the two SA8540P SOCs will give the required bandwidth for the autonomous driving system’s sensing, planning, perception, mapping, localization, and driver monitoring.

Charging & Battery Life

The Celestiq will draw its energy from an Ultium-based battery pack that could be as large as 100kWh. The driving range will probably be around 300 miles per charge, and the car’s maximum capacity could be more if the large battery packs were optional. As seen on the GMC Hummer, the GM BEV3 all-electric platform for the Cadillac Celestiq will use the Ultium battery and drive the motor technology.

Ultium Energy Recovery Feature

The Cadillac Celestiq will feature Ultium Energy Recovery. As it recovers waste heat energy from batteries, propulsion components, and power electronics and stores it for later use. This heat pump can capture and use humidity inside and outside the vehicle, including the passengers’ body heat. However, the stored heat can be used later to warm up the batteries during winters before charging, to heat the cabin, or to create the ideal temperature for the propulsion system during high-performance driving.


Like the other Cadillac lineups, the Celestiq will come with a powertrain warranty. Also, Cadillac currently covers the first dealer maintenance visit. Hence, we expect the Celestiq’s battery warranty to match the Chevrolet Bolts for at least 100,000 miles.

Release Date

The Cadillac Celestiq will release as a concept in July 2022. “Concept” means presenting the car’s interior features, exteriors, and technical specifications. Though, the expect customer deliveries to commence in the year 2023.