Las Vegas Uber Yearbook 2022 Includes Famed Ferrari 458 Spider ‘Coolest’ Driver Justin Layton

Ridesharing apps have become a way of life for many urbanites in the United States, and it all started with […]


Ridesharing apps have become a way of life for many urbanites in the United States, and it all started with Uber.

Few cities are designed for the kind of traffic that would occur if every single person commuted to work every day – or to any other daily destination, for that matter. For a long time, public transportation and taxis were the only alternative.

Enter: Uber and other rideshare apps that followed. Now, you can call for a ride when it’s convenient, get to your destination in whatever level of comfort you want to pay for, and know exactly what to expect. 

Justin Layton and His Local Hero Car

In Las Vegas, the Uber culture is its own entertainment industry, with drivers competing to provide customers with the best experiences.

Uber has compiled a yearbook for Las Vegas’s look back, and it features some pretty cool features for riders to enjoy – plus a look at the ‘coolest’ driver in Vegas: Justin Layton, with his Ferrari 458 Spider. That’s right – if you’re looking to grab an Uber in Vegas this year, you could end up with the coolest driver in the city and his ultra-cool car. 

The Spider driver is somewhat of a local celebrity, as riders clamor for a spin in the snazzy vehicle. The Uber team shares in a statement about Layton’s win, “A commodities trader + photographer by day, Justin first began driving for Uber in a Tesla Model S, and when he got bored, decided it was time to hit the road with his cherry red Ferrari 458 Spider. ‘The reactions I get are pretty timeless but I guess it does fit the Vegas motif,’ says Justin. ‘Vegas is known for opulence and over indulgence and what better than a Ferrari 458 Spider picking you up.’”

The Spider is the first-ever Ferrari to combine a mid-rear engine with a retractable folding hard top. It spins up that purring Ferrari motor from 0-60 in under 3.4 seconds, with a slim nose and a heavy back end for maximum cornering. The Spider offers 398 lbf ft (540Nm) @ 6000 rpm, with a maximum power output of 419 kW (570 CV) @ 9000 rpm. It caps out just under 200MPH and promises the kind of ride a speed lover dreams of. 

With Layton and his snazzy ride, you can cruise the Strip in style. 

Uber Las Vegas Looks Back with a Yearbook

Joining Layton in his noteworthy “coolest car” category are a variety of other drivers who stand out from the rest. Uber compiled their “best of” yearbook for Las Vegas, and these are the noteworthy winners you’ll want to look for next time you dial up the Uber app in Sin City:

  1. “Most Trips: the driver who has completed the most trips in the U.S. Charlana Moses, Birmingham, AL is lovingly known as ‘Mama C’ to Bama students and has given more than 60,000 Uber rides. 
  2. Longest Trip: the driver who’s taken the longest trip. Bruce Smith, Upstate NY, drove 2 riders, 2 cats and 8 suitcases 1,377 miles non-stop from NY to FL for $3,000 in 25 hours.
  3. Best Music: the driver who has received the most ‘Awesome Music’ compliments. Michael Frye, San Diego, CA hopes to pick up Dr. Dre or Kanye West in an Uber one day.
  4. Coolest Side Hustle: the courier with the most interesting work outside Uber. Meet Tanaye White, who has nearly 4,000 food deliveries under her belt, and recently made the switch from delivery woman to professional model in NYC.
  5. Longest Tenure: the driver who has been driving with Uber longest. Lazhar Bedri, San Francisco, CA, joined the platform in 2011- more than a decade ago!
  6. Greenest Ride: the driver with the most trips in an Uber Green vehicle. Loraine Williams, New Orleans, LA, considers herself ‘a pretty fabulous Carpool Mom’ drives a Tesla!
  7. Funniest Driver: the driver who has received the most ‘Made Me Laugh’ compliments. Terry Smith, Birmingham, AL is a retired high school principal turned Uber comedian, bringing Jerry Seinfeld humor to each ride.
  8. Most Deliveries: the person who has done the most food deliveries. Azubuike Onwumere, Washington, DC, says his favorite food order is African fufu with goat meat soup.
  9. Most Tips: the driver who has received the most tips. Robert Moore, Asheville, NC, always looks for ways to help his riders: do they want to tour downtown? Do they need to stop for a snack?
  10. Super Hero Samaritan: the driver who gave back to her community most. Tammy Rivera, Memphis, TN, is an inspiring community leader who brought COVID hospital workers meals from local restaurants for nearly 300 nights in a row.
  11. Highest Rated:️ the driver with the most five star ratings! Fatou Cissokho, Las Vegas, NV, says tips to increase your rider rating are: be on time, be respectful, and be gentle with the door.
  12. Cheers to You: the courier who has delivered the most champagne. Debbie Baker, Miami, FL, enjoys a Bay Breeze in her spare time 🙂
  13. City Hopper: the courier who has done deliveries in most U.S. cities. Brandon Lacey, Baltimore, MD, has delivered food in 8 cities.
  14. Young at Heart: the wisest and most experienced courier! Barbra Watkins, San Jose, CA, says ‘people are always surprised that I’m still working at 78, but I like to keep very active. With Uber, I can set my own hours, and ride my horse, Tycoon, in my spare time.’”

Although Uber has its fair share of controversies in cities where taxi services are well-established, it’s clear from the yearbook that there’s something unique to be offered by rideshares.

Something you can’t get from the back of a copycat yellow taxi. Not only do you have the chance to ride in that breathtaking Spider – you can ride along with some really fascinating people.