Could Subaru’s SUV Tease Be The Next-Generation Crosstrek?

The Subaru Crosstrek may soon be replaced by a new model year. At least, that’s what we got from a […]


The Subaru Crosstrek may soon be replaced by a new model year. At least, that’s what we got from a 15-second movie uploaded to YouTube from Subaru of Japan today, which teases a future SUV model the automaker expects to unveil on September 15. Only a few select elements are discernible in the vast majority of the photos due to the heavy use of darkness. However, the lights are the most apparent design cues and resemble those seen on newer Subaru vehicles.

Information That Sheds Light On A Situation

We can make out the front end of the new SUV and its lighting and taillights. It seems like a crossbar across the top of the grille, linking the ends of the headlights. Put the Subaru emblem right in the center of the top rail. The grille seems to have a considerably more substantial contour than the one seen on the present Crosstrek. However, when seen from the side, the silhouette has character lines that seem suspiciously like the existing Crosstrek.

We Observed A Stubby Subie

Given the video’s frequent close-ups and rapid edits, it isn’t easy to get a sense of the SUV’s actual size. Despite this, there is a brief moment in the video when the Subie enters a pitch-black cave, where its diminutive size is evident. Given that the current Crosstrek is 63.1 inches in height and 71.0 inches in width, we can safely assume that the SUV previewed in the video & the one Subaru intends to introduce on September 15 is the exact vehicle. If that’s the case, we don’t understand why the new Crosstrek was unveiled before the new Impreza. Because, after all, they’re the same thing. The Crosstrek is a raised version of the stylish Impreza hatchback, sharing a chassis, powertrains, and most of its appearance, although wearing a different moniker. Its ancestor, the Outback Sport, was based on the Impreza and was produced for several years.

Looking at sales data over the previous two years, it is clear that Subaru has moved nearly twice as many Crosstreks than Imprezas. That, in addition to the SUV model’s higher list price, makes it far more lucrative, and it may hint that Impreza’s days inside the U.S. market are numbered.

We know nothing about the inside or the mechanicals since, as we noted, Subaru is great at concealing secrets. However, the driver and passengers may use digital displays, and Subaru’s 2.5-liter engine might be reused to provide enough thrust. Since 2023 vehicles are already being offered in North America, this SUV should debut that year.

Until the premiere on September 15, there will be additional sneak peeks, so stay tuned. In addition, the Rambling About Automobiles podcast often has engaging discussions on topics like Subaru.Despite the strong relationship between the Crosstrek and Impreza, there has been no evidence to suggest that Subaru will also release a new Impreza to complement the rumored Crosstrek. 

However, the new Crosstrek will likely use the new 13-inch touchscreen seen in the 2018 WRX, another Subaru sedan. The teaser suggests the new Crosstrek design won’t be a radical departure for the Subaru brand, which is understandable given the vehicle’s status as the company’s top seller.