A Closer Look At The 2023 Mercedes A-Class Hatch

The 2023 Mercedes A-class Hatchback is a stunning automobile with as much practicality as luxury.  As the world of automobiles […]

The 2023 Mercedes A-class Hatchback is a stunning automobile with as much practicality as luxury. 

As the world of automobiles is highly inclined towards SUVs and electric cars, and even crossovers, it is a breath of fresh air to see a hatchback being released in the market. A hatch that comes from a renowned manufacturer like Mercedes is expected to deliver on all fronts, as the manufacturer has previously set high standards in this segment. After countless spy shots and rumors that were leaked, the A-class facelift has finally been unveiled, and it has been a big launch. 

Mercedes has revealed the hatchback and the sedan version of the A-class, and the differences are marginal. This happens to be the mid-life facelift of the A-class, and the new changes, although present, are hard to spot. The styling of the vehicle has received minor changes, and so does the engine and powertrain options, but the most significant update comes in the form of the new MBUX system. The plug-in hybrid version of the class hatchback is also a talking point, as the vehicle has received some form of electrification for the very first time. 

The Updated Styling 

The design of the A-class has evolved to be much more aggressive over time, and with every iteration of the vehicle, the hatchback has started to look better and better. The long-slung hatchback gets a relatively large design and a sharp nose upfront. Starting from the front, the vehicle’s bumper is slightly redesigned, and the most noticeable change happens to be the new grille which gets the AMG line treatment. A true Mercedes-Benz fan would also notice that the Mercedes logo, which previously used to be present on top of the bonnet, has now been replaced by an AMG badge. 

The air intakes are much more aggressive and functional as they do a fabulous job of cooling the engine bay and channeling air through the sides of the vehicle. The headlights of the car are also updated, and the all-LED units do a fabulous job of lighting the road upfront in the dark. 

Coming towards the side, the most eye-catching aspect of the new A-class hatchback is the stunning 19-inch wheels which are also driven from the AMG line. The multi-spoke alloy wheel design does look sharp but has reduced the side profile of the tires, which could result in slightly stiff ride quality. At the back, the vehicle gets All LED taillights and a cleaner look as compared to the aggressive front. 

The quad port exhaust tips add a touch of sportiness, and the rear windshield wiper is also neatly integrated into the design. There is also the inclusion of a spoiler on top of the vehicle, which contributes to aerodynamic efficiency in several ways. Mercedes also offers some fancy paintwork for the vehicle, which includes some all-new matte and metallic finish. 

A Luxuriously Sporty Interior

The changes on the exterior of the vehicle might be to add a sense and a touch of sportiness, but on the inside, the vehicle gets nothing but the pure class which is expected from Mercedes. The upholstery of the car has been updated, and one of the first things that people would notice is the new design of the steering wheel. 

The new three-spoke design is very similar to what is seen on much more expensive AMG models. The buttons on the steering wheel are largely touchscreen and have haptic feedback on them. The digital change on the vehicle is also a significantly larger one as it now gets the latest generation of the MBUX system, making it in line with all other Mercedes cars on sale. A 10.25-inch central touchscreen is a standard across the range which gets all connectivity features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A 7-inch digital drivers gauge is offered as standard, which can also be upgraded to a 10.25-inch unit which provides a plethora of driving information. The interior also has a heavy use of recycled materials, promoting sustainability. 

A Powerful Performer

There happen to be several changes underneath the bonnet of the vehicle as well, as Mercedes has updated the four-cylinder petrol engine. A 48-volt Mild hybrid system is also offered, which gives the vehicle an additional 14 HP boost if and when needed. The mild hybrid version of the car still produces 302 HP and comes mated to 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, replacing the previously offered 7-speed unit. A plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle is also on sale, which comes with a 1.3-liter turbo petrol engine. 

The electric motor produces 107 HP as compared to 101, which was previously offered, resulting in a total power output of 214 HP and 450 NM of torque. Folks can charge the battery from 10 to 80% in under 25 minutes, thanks to the new 25 kW electric architecture. 

This might be the last iteration of the A-class hatchback as it would indeed be replaced by an all-electric version shortly. If that happens to be the case, this is a well-deserved send-off to the legendary hatchback.