Indian’s Pursuit Limited Guns for Harley’s Big-Cruiser Crown

Since the relaunch of Indian Motorcycle under Polaris ownership, it has continued growing its American-made V-Twins range bigger. However, Harley […]


Since the relaunch of Indian Motorcycle under Polaris ownership, it has continued growing its American-made V-Twins range bigger. However, Harley Davidson has been the major leader in the industry, and its product range includes the air-cooled Road Glide. But, Today, Harley has found one of the water-cooled competitors in the Indian Pursuit Limited. The liquid-cooled engines have been embraced since the emergence of the Scout in 2015.

 Roadmaster models and Springfield, Indian’s Chief have made the Thunderstroke V-Twin available with an air-cooled system. You can find radiators across the FTR street tracker and Scout cruiser. PowePlus 108 with a liquid-cooled system adds power to the Challenger winner in 2020.

The new Indian Pursuit Limited joined the Challenger in 2022. This Pursuit is a tourer adding a top trunk to the passenger backrest, heated grips, and a Touring Comfort seat.

You can Find the Pursuit in 2 Major Versions

  • The model that has blacked-out finishes is known as the Dark Horse
  • The other one has the chrome finishes 

Both are included in the Premium Package, which has added a rear suspension preload with an electronically adjustable system. It also comprises a Smart Lean Technology and built-in driving lights. Both the passenger and rider can enjoy heated seats.

After unveiling the Pursuit in February and disclosing the model to the public at Bike Week, there has been accessibility to Premium Pursuit Limited.

More About the Power

There are some component components in the liquid-cooled V-Twins. You can find a spread of 60 degrees between high-compression ratios, 4 valves, and cylinders. They are different from FTRs and DOHC valvetrains. But, the Pursuit and Challenger models rely on hydraulic cam-chain tensioners. Lash adjusters are fitted to a hydraulic valve. 

Indian Pursuit Limited, with PowerPlus and a liquid cooling system, has conventional touches. But, in the case of the Twin-Cooled Milwaukee Eight of Harley Davidson, you can find a partial liquid cooling system. The overall frame on the Pursuit and the Challenger covers the generous black radiator to manage its strong presence. The thermal efficiency of the engine has been refined due to the full liquid cooling system. It manages temperature effectively in different conditions. Moreover, it has strictly followed the rules about emissions.

One of the major advantages of using the liquid cooling setup is that it increases fuel efficiency, provides comfort, and ensures optimal performance for the passenger and the rider. The radiation of heat from the engine has not been an issue. Similar to other tourers in India, there has been a back-cylinder deactivation.

The displacement is about 108 cubic inches. The PowerPlus has turned out a torque of about 128 lb-ft. The power output is 122 Horsepower at the crank. However, the output of the engine is 113 pound-feet of torque, while the speed is 3,500 rpm.

Design of the Seats and Other Interior Details

The passenger seats have finished stitching that makes them look beautiful. The most interesting feature of Indian Pursuit Limited is the Indian Ride Command System. It is a reliable electronically controlled suite available in the market. The screen size is about 7 inches, and it is placed adjacent to the analog speed. There are also rev counters, which give you access to Apple CarPlay. The touchscreen is intuitive, and you will be able to use it without hassle. You may also put on a pair of gloves while operating the touchscreen. 

Speakers and passenger footboards are fitted to the backrest. That is why you can enjoy the music with the 100W audio system. The electric windscreen is positioned too low, but it may be favorable for you. You will be able to view the top part of the screen while staying protected from the wind.

However, some users like to raise the windscreen to a higher position. It can minimize the noise and turbulence. The height of the windscreen is around 3 inches. It is important to open the vents and manage inner fairing on hot summer days. You can boost the amount of air flowing through cockpits.

Materials of the Frame

The modular backbone frame is made from aluminum. The frame has similarities to the Chieftain. The rock-solid frame is unmovable.

Overall, Indian Pursuit Limited is packed with a reliable engine and gear. The team behind it has won the competition on Challengers.