Hyundai’s N Vision 74 Concept Is the DeLorean Reboot We Were Hoping For

The electric vehicle industry has witnessed a rapid growth rate in recent years. You can also notice technological advancements in […]


The electric vehicle industry has witnessed a rapid growth rate in recent years. You can also notice technological advancements in these EVs. Lithium-ion cells are the major source of electrical energy needed to run the vehicle. But, several manufacturers have started designing hydrogen-powered EVs, and Hyundai is one of them. Recently, Hyundai has released hydrogen-driven N Vision 74 Sports Car that reflects a DeLorean-inspired look. The hydrogen-based sports car can remind you of retro-style vehicles. Let us tell you more about Hyundais N Vision 74.

The DeLorean DMC-12-based design truly reflects a bold concept. In the coming years, Hyundai will be able to design cars that might become a rival of the major sports car brands. The concept was disclosed at the Busan Motor Show hosted in South Korea.

Hyundai always continues its scientific research to introduce innovative vehicles. N Vision 74 is the latest one in its fleet. The car design reveals how dedicated engineers have tried to reimagine the future. 

‘74’ refers to the year 1974, as Giorgetto Giugiaro (a reputable designer) presented the Hyundai Pony and Pony Concept Coupe. But, the Hyundai Pony is a more daring concept that integrates the car with a 2-door design. Aesthetically, Hyundais N Vision 74 has a stunning look, and it can grab the attention of any sports car lover. 

But, in the Turing motor show in 1974, the model failed to reach its goal. That is why Hyundai has tried to reincarnate its performance by providing the latest version of the N prototype.

A Blend of Retro Charm and Modern Attire in the Car’s Exterior

Covered wheels with angular, sharp rooflines are the major retroelements found in the design. SangYup Lee (the design head of Hyundai) and other engineers has revived the retro design to grab your attention with a modern interpretation. In terms of styles, manufacturers have obtained inspiration from the concept of N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo. This concept was debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Let us talk about the aerodynamics of the car. Some noticeable features include a large spoiler fitted to the boot lid and the side skirt. At first glance, you may not find the concept related to Ioniq. Still, it displays amazing shades of the best electric vehicles already manufactured by Hyundai.

The front side displays the light signatures, while the rear one includes pixel lights. You can notice these features in the Ioniq 5 and 6.

The combination of contemporary and classic styles is the Hyundais N Vision 74.

The retro attire is easily noticeable in the exterior parts. However, the interior sides are also equipped with modern hardware and advanced functionalities. The interiors of the N Vision 74 model present you with a piston-shaped, driver-centric cockpit. The concept has been derived from the Pony Coupe.

The cabin of the sports vehicle reminds you of the motorsports heritage of Hyundai’s products. Other highlights include the seats and steering wheel of the vehicles. Moreover, Hyundai has added some performance details to develop an N-oriented interior ambiance. 

Driven by Hydrogen

The twin-motor setup with a drive-biased rear-wheel system is one of the remarkable features of N Vision 74. The combination of these components produces an optimal output- 900 Nm of torque and 670 bhp. Operated by a 62.4kWh battery, there is a 95kW hydrogen fuel cell to charge the battery. You can use an 800V fast charger to charge the battery pack. The hydrogen tank capacity is around 4.2kg.

The hydrogen-powered can lead to a claimed range of about 600km. The speed of Hyundais N Vision 74 can go up to 250kmph. The active torque vectoring system is beneficial to this electric sports car. While turning the car and managing the corners, the drivers can easily operate the car at high speed. There is minimal risk of losing control.

The cooling system fitted to the Hyundai model is unique, and it maintains optimum temperatures for the complicated powertrain. There are separate cooling channels for every stack, fuel cell, motor, and battery. Everything is controlled by a centralized unit. The most important thing is that it gives us a glance at what we will get from motorsports and performance cars in the future. 

N Vision 74 and RN22e: A Comparison of Hyundai Models

According to Thomas Schemera at Hyundai, N Vision 74 and RN22e play a significant role in the strategically developed product lineup that comprises high-end, electrified vehicles. 

Rolling labs of Hyundai signify a consistent innovation of highly advanced technologies. Thomas has also claimed that this approach has made his company ready to accept the potential future challenges. 

As both vehicles have been clearly labeled concepts, we do not know when they will go into actual production. It is rumored that Ioniq 6 N will be debuted in the subsequent year. But, there is a minimal chance of releasing the N Vision 74 model for consumers.


To sum up, Hyundai has tried to introduce a new retro-futuristic model. It aims to make up for the mistake found in the old model. Hyundai engineers have thought of presenting you with a high-concept automobile. In fact, they have a vision of blending innovative technologies and elegant activities. Dedicated engineers have thought of converting them into a production reality. The first electric performance concept vehicle was RM20e. However, the RN22e and Hyundais N Vision 74 have continued their trend of introducing these vehicles from the Rolling Lab department in Hyundai.