Love Hondas and Love Speed? Here are the Top 5 Fastest Hondas of All Time

A blend of luxe, comfort and eye-catching designs is what it takes to define a Honda. Also, with its excellent […]


A blend of luxe, comfort and eye-catching designs is what it takes to define a Honda. Also, with its excellent services and refined production system, it has become a leading automobile brand, which deals in more than 100 countries. The brand is also introducing hybrid cars, aircraft, robots, and many more. Whatever reason you have to love the brand, here are the leading Hondas you would love to know about:

Honda NSX 1990-2005

Yes, you got it right! This is the first-ever supercar brought by Honda. You can picturise it as a two-seater sports car with a mid-engine. Its manufacturing took place in Japan, and the year 1990-2005 were the years for that. Its description includes manual transmission, a couple body type, and a fuel tank capacity of 70.0. It gives a mileage of 9.0 Kmpl and runs on petrol as the fuel. 

Honda Civic Type R 2017-date

The late spring of the year 2017 in the US brought the sale of the Honda Civic Type R. It is the Civic’s leading-edge version, which comes with a unique body structure, suspension, and styling in the interior and exterior. This 5-door hatchback comes with a 2.0 litre DOHC built in the US. It has 4 cylinder engine, which comes with a torque of 295 pounds and 306 horsepower.

Honda S2000

In the 3rd number, here comes Honda S2000 with rear-wheel drive and a six-speed manual. Its front suspension has double wishbones, passive dampers, coil springs, and an anti-roll bar. It delivers a power of 237 bhp@ 8300 rpm and a torque of 153 lb-ft @7500rom. Though today we have twin-clutch transmission and forced induction, its specifications are nothing less than a dream coming true.


Ranked 4 in our list, Honda CR-X VTECH is a CRX model with 4 cylinders at Inline configuration. It has 7.3 litres per 100km of fuel consumption and a 1010 kgs curb weight. You can expect the maximum power of 148 bhp-100 kW and 144Nm torque at the most. It also features double wishbones, an anti-roll bar rear suspension, and coil springs. The disks at the rear and vented disks in the forepart make up the CRX II VTEC braking system.

Honda S800

This model has a 771 kgs curb weight and 97 mph speed at the max. It runs on a petrol motor and also features a naturally aspirated in-line. Its maximum power and output are 70 HP and 71 HP and run on a 52 kW@ 8000rpm horsepower. Additionally, it delivers 48 lb-ft/66.0NM @6000rpm as the torque at max. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best models Honda has provided.

Summing up

So here is our list of the leading five fast Hondas that came to date. While summing up, we would like to list them again from the bottom. So, it begins with Honda S800, Honda RR-X VTECH, Honda S2000, and Honda NSX 1990-2005. The article has provided detailed reasons to consider them in the list and the reasons for you to count them in your favourites. Stay tuned for more such updates on the world of automobiles.