A Closer Look At The Genesis X Convertible Concept

Genesis unveiled its X Convertible Concept at a special event in California where the company showcased its stunning design. With […]


Genesis unveiled its X Convertible Concept at a special event in California where the company showcased its stunning design. With the addition of this four-seat convertible, the brand completes a trio of bold design studies that showcase its commitment to sustainable luxury and cutting-edge electric vehicle technology. Along with being the latest evolution of Genesis’ signature Athletic Elegance design language, the Genesis X Convertible also shares its advanced architecture and state-of-the-art electric motor with the 2021 X Concept and X Speedium Coupe concept models. It also offers a glimpse of the Genesis electric vehicles that will come out in the near future. 

The Sheer Elegance

With an exclusive folding hardtop roof that houses individual glass panels above the front occupants, the Genesis X Convertible offers passengers a heightened sensory experience. This creates a direct connection between the driver and the environment..

The Genesis X Convertible is a true masterpiece when it comes to its design. Characterized by a long bonnet, a short overhang at the front, a long wheelbase, it has the unmistakable proportions of an athletic, elegant machine. The car displays another familiar feature with its bold Parabolic Line which emphasizes its strong profile. While the muscular blisters around the wheels give it a classic ‘Coke bottle’ shape when viewed from above.

As its name implies, the concept’s sleek exterior represents the automaker’s design language in its purest form. Akin to the Genesis X Concept and Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept, one can notice many similarities, including the long hood and short deck, the gentle curve along the body line, the flared wheel arches, and of course the distinctive split lights at the front and rear of the vehicle. On the front clip, a smiling Genesis crest is outlined with LED lights, and the design is complemented by a curved side panel.

A bold concave elliptical tailgate design with an integrated spoiler is featured at the rear of the Genesis X Convertible concept. Horizontal quad tail lights are similar to those seen on both the X Concept and the X Speedium Coupe of the same model line. Additionally, the indentation in the tailgate resembles the classic head and wings of the Genesis logo and is reminiscent of the V-shaped indentation in the tailgate. 

The Korean Symphony

This Genesis X Convertible concept features a rather unique exterior finish. The white crane is considered a symbol of nobleness and sanctity in Korea. Genesis was keen to incorporate this cultural icon into the concept’s character to emphasize the concept’s uniqueness. It is the result of this process that the vehicle’s white surface is coated with pearl particles. This gives the exterior surface a luxurious luster, which dynamically frames the interiors.

Last but not least, the wheels feature the trademark Genesis G-Matrix pattern that has been combined with an efficient aero dish concave section to increase airflow and to help keep the brakes cool during use. 

A Convertible Miracle

A folding roof is one of the biggest differences in this vehicle as compared to its siblings. The X Convertible has a transparent moon roof which lets its occupants enjoy splendid views of the skies as they cruise along. There are short overhangs at the front and rear of the car, as well as a ducktail spoiler directly borrowed from the X and X Speedium Coupe concept cars. Moreover, Genesis does not provide any information about the powertrain of its EV, which is a concern.

This concept is a four-seater and comes with a similar interior to the earlier ones, with a similar exterior look. There is a connection between the design of the Genesis and the Korean architecture of the roof, with the driver’s cockpit wrapping around the car. The car has a wraparound instrument panel that seamlessly integrates with the center console, creating a driver-focused environment that showcases the potential of the Genesis X Convertible concept in terms of performance. There is a color called Giwa Navy that is commonly used on roof tiles and is also the main color for the interiors.

Dacheong Orange is used as the main contrast color and is used to create the fine stitching that is incorporated throughout the interior and adds a bold contrast. In traditional Korean wooden buildings, the decorative trim around the windows and doors has the same distinctive color as that of the decorative trim on the wooden trim.

As Genesis points out, the cars are merely concepts for now, but the production models will surely take some design cues from these concept cars. The price of this work of art is yet to be confirmed, and there are no technical details or even an indication of what it will cost. So, it may take some time before it becomes available for buyers.