Everything We Know About The Alfa Romeo Giulia EV

The Giulia will be Alfa Romeo’s much-anticipated electric vehicle that will see the light of the day by 2027.  The […]

Alfa Romeo

The Giulia will be Alfa Romeo’s much-anticipated electric vehicle that will see the light of the day by 2027. 

The mass market passenger car segment has seen a significant change in trend as in the past few years, every other vehicle coming out has either been an SUV or an electric vehicle. The electrification of vehicles is imminent, and there is no stopping it as electric cars have proven to be better for the environment in terms of emissions. The electrification is mainly done to keep up with the industry standards and release new models to showcase the automakers’ future.

A manufacturer burdened with its Legacy happens to be Alfa Romeo. The Italian company has a heritage in making beautiful vehicles and dominating race tracks worldwide but has found it difficult to keep up with the trends of SUVs and electric cars. Now that Alfa Romeo comes under the giant Stellaris group, sourcing of parts and other materials is not an issue. The part-Chinese and part-American ownership of the Stellantis group has helped the Alfa Romeo gain a strong foothold in the market. One of the company’s most popular and best-selling vehicles is the Giulia, a compact sedan with tons of sporty credentials. The company has confirmed that Giulia has a future and will hit the roads with electric power underneath its skin in the next five years. 

A Fresh Start 

Alfa Romeo promised to get rid of combustion engines by 2027 and go all-electric. This move seems to align with the automobile industry trends, and it is a big change that will take a lot of time and effort. Most of the parts coming will be sourced by Stellantis, which will be underpinning many other vehicles. 

The current Giulia was first launched in 2016, and it was an instant success thanks to its crisp styling and jaw-dropping performance. The vehicle was later given a minor cosmetic makeover in the year 2020, which included a new infotainment system. However, since these changes are still relatively recent and the Gulia looks stellar, it is improbable that the all-new electric version will be given a significant design overhaul. 

The grille might be omitted for a cleaner look, and the drag coefficient will significantly reduce. However, it is unlikely to see an internal-combustion engined successor to the Giulia, given Alfa’s switch to electrification is just five years away, and it is a big step in the company’s history. 

The Major Assistance 

Alfa Romeo will largely be helped by the Stellantis group, and the EV battery is expected to be roughly 101 and 118 kW/h. This happens to be a large battery which is expected to give a range of around 500 miles. Stellantis has 16 car brands in its portfolio, and some companies already have more than a few EV models on offer, while others are still lagging. With that said, Alfa Romeo is next on the list, together with Dodge, to add an all-electric model to its lineup. Since this electric vehicle will be a daily driver for many people, the range is crucial, and Alfa Romeo has its bios covered on that front. 

Along the lines of battery, another concern that people happen to have with electric vehicles is the charging infrastructure, and Alfa Romeo is expected to give the Giulia EV an 800-volt electric architecture that will enable rapid charging. A full charge can be expected in under 3 hours. 

A Bright Future Ahead 

Although the Giulia will be the first-ever all-electric Alfa Romeo, the company is not complete;y unaware of electrification and battery assistance. Recently, Alfa Romeo launched a subcompact crossover named Tonale. Keeping in mind the trend of SUVs around the world, this vehicle was an instant success thanks to its aggressive design and sporty dynamics, and what made this vehicle even special was that this was the first ever Alfa Romeo to have electric assistance to power it. Although it was a mild hybrid system and could not drive on pure electric power, it did boost performance and increase the efficiency of the vehicle. 

In addition, Dodge has recently revealed its electric vehicle, and it has a feature called electronic exhaust, which had the whole automobile community confused as it sounded very artificial and electric vehicles don’t need an exhaust; what has been confirmed by Alfa Romeo is that even though Dodge and Alfa Romeo come under the Stellantis group, it won’t be making use of any such fake sounds as it goes against the ‘heritage’ of the company, and it shall likely be something that enthusiasts can rejoice.