The Danish Beast: A Closer Look At The Zenvo TRS-S Hypercar

The Danish Hypercar, Zenvo TSR-S, sets the bar for performance up in heaven.  The world of hypercars is ever-growing, with […]


The Danish Hypercar, Zenvo TSR-S, sets the bar for performance up in heaven. 

The world of hypercars is ever-growing, with new models being launched night and day. The primary purpose of all these vehicles is to go as fast as possible and shatter all existing speed records along the way. The hypercar space is known to have new automobile manufacturers come up and showcase their offerings. While some legacy manufacturers like Bugatti and Pagani have been in the game for a very long time and have established themselves, they undoubtedly face some stiff competition from some new entrants in the segment, like Rimac and Zenvo. Zenvo is a Denmark-based automobile company that specializes in the production of hypercars. The company was established in 2004, and since then, they have created some highly capable machines.

The company is now showcasing the latest offering, TSR-S, which has over 1,000 HP and some excellent aerodynamics which happened to be an industry first. The company also has plans to go hybrid with a V12 engine in the near future. The TSR-S, for now, is the crown jewel in their lineup and has a lot going its way. Stellar performance and jaw-dropping looks are just a few things that make this vehicle special. 

A Fighter Jet-Like Design 

One of the key features of this vehicle happens to be its looks. Every part of the vehicle’s design serves a purpose, and that is largely down to aerodynamics. At the front, what is immediately noticeable is the gigantic air intake and the enormous front splitter, all contributing to performance and downforce. Towards the side, the story remains more or less the same, and a good thing about this vehicle is that no vent on the entire car is fake. 

It has heat extractors behind the fenders to cool down the brakes and a side skirt which further contributes to downforce. There is also the inclusion of a roof scoop that feeds air directly into the engine bay. The wheel size is offset as the front gets a 20-inch build while the rear gets a larger 21-inch unit. The wheels also come with a single central locking nut which can be used to remove and put the wheel back quickly. At the back, the design language continues with the massive rear wing, which has active features. The wing takes direct input from the steering wheel and adjusts itself every second to provide optimum downforce around corners and in a straight line. 

Overall, the vehicle’s design is quite aggressive and aerodynamic. Plus, since it is a track-oriented vehicle, it has all the right ingredients needed to perform on any course around the world. 

A Fire Breathing Engine 

The engine of the Zenvo TSR-S is wrapped in a carbon fiber cocoon which provides protection to the engine and also leads to structural stability for the vehicle. This bespoke engine happens to be a 5.8 liter twin-supercharged V8. The power output happens to be close to 1200 HP, and so does the torque output. 

The powertrain is mated to a motor sport-driven automatic gearbox, and it is powerful enough to launch this vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds; things get even better from there as it can do 0 to 100 mph in just 6.8 seconds. The dual gearbox allows drivers to switch between a standard road gearbox configuration and a brutal mechanical direct power-shift race set-up, using the paddle shifts. The seven-speed gearbox also features helical-cut dog gears that deliver raw and fast shifts on the road.

A Glimpse Of The Future 

As it is said, “records are meant to be broken,” Zenvo plans to raise the bar of performance even further by launching a V12-powered hybrid hypercar soon. The vehicle’s design has been kept a secret from the customers, and it is expected to be a complete revolution as it also marks close to two decades of the company. 

The V12 engine is expected to have a power output close to 1200 HP, as seen in the previous model, the TSR-S. The inclusion of battery assist can take this power figure close to 1800, which is something that Zenvo is targeting. Its upcoming hybrid hypercar will feature sophisticated modular tech, which will make it in future models and secure good business opportunities for the Danish company with the ability to grow. 

The modular design of the V12 engine will allow for V6 and V8 versions to be built and outsourced to other companies. The big V12, however, will remain exclusive to Zenvo models. It also shared that the modular chassis could underpin other future models, but an SUV is out of the question.

Zenvo has been doing well and has established itself strongly in the Hypercar community. The move towards some form of electrification has helped the company take steps in the right direction, and their upcoming Hypercar will surely turn heads in the automotive world.