2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre EV Coupe Offers 300 Miles of Smooth, Silent Ultra-Luxury at a Time

The 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Coupe is the first new production coupe from the ultra-luxury automaker in a few years, and […]


The 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Coupe is the first new production coupe from the ultra-luxury automaker in a few years, and it is also the first production vehicle from the company to have all-electric power. The new Spectre design is a sneak peek at “Rolls-Royce 3.0,” the company’s plans for an all-electric portfolio by 2030, which expands upon the all-aluminum “Architecture of Luxury” shared by the existing Phantom, Cullinan, and Ghost models.

The compliments of Charles Stewart Rolls for “Back in 1900, an electric vehicle’s noiseless and clean qualities were praised: “The electric car is absolutely silent. Neither a fragrance nor a vibration exists. They should be quite beneficial once fixed charging stations are established.” Although it may have taken more than a century, we may be close to completing the infrastructure required to realize such a magnificent automotive vision.

The planar suspension system can disconnect the anti-roll bars, allowing each tire to move independently and decreasing body shaking when only one side of the car encounters a bump and vibrations on unpaved roads. A four-wheel steering system employing 18 sensors recouples and stiffens the dampers to maintain stability when cornering. Rolls claims that the new Spectre was directly influenced by “modern yacht concepts” as well as nautical design, in addition to modern sculpture, high tailoring, craftsmanship, and contemporary art. The largest grille ever installed on a Rolls is part of the new design, which is ironic because the car doesn’t actually require one. Angled vanes that direct air around the boat, er, car’s nose are now a part of the new grille.

The Spectre’s absurd width is intended to be highlighted by the new, angular daytime running lights, which also borrow the split headlamp design of the rest of the current lineup. The new, broad grille now also glows at night. Three key character lines can be seen along the length of the Spectre’s side: the shoulder line, which defines the car’s flat, broadsides, and the fastback roofline, which conveys speed and aerodynamic effectiveness. The rear fender, which houses the taillight, is the biggest single-body panel ever installed on a production Rolls-Royce, extending from the lower A-pillar all the way down to the trunk. The taillight is housed in a clear casing to avoid competing with the countless color swatch options. Additionally, it is the first contemporary Rolls to be equipped with enormous 23-inch wheels.

The new Spectre now comes with Starlight Doors, which include more than 7,900 tiny embedded lights and complement the “Lighted Fascia” of 5,500 illuminated “stars” on the passenger dashboard. These doors were inspired by the company’s beautiful night sky roof light appearance. The brand-new, all-digital dials can now be customized to match the interior’s specific colors.

The new Spectre likewise utilizes the Spirit software architecture from the company but with improved functionality and responsiveness. The business has stated that the final power estimates are “still being refined.” Still, they anticipate at least 430 kW of power, which is around 576 hp, and over 660 lb-ft of torque, with a zero to sixty mph time anticipated at around 4.4 seconds.

It is estimated to be priced between the Cullinan ($340,000 starting price) and the Phantom ($460,000 starting price), though those numbers may change or improve once it actually arrives in the latter part of the following year.