A Closer Look At Mercedes AMG’s Ultimate Race Car, The GT3 Edition 55

The Mercedes AMG GT3 55 edition is a compelling, no-holds-barred race car with serious performance numbers and limited production.  Mercedes […]


The Mercedes AMG GT3 55 edition is a compelling, no-holds-barred race car with serious performance numbers and limited production. 

Mercedes is a renowned car manufacturer around the globe that has a history of making some of the most iconic vehicles the world has ever seen. The company is known for making luxury vehicles, and they also have a performance division named AMG, which specializes in making ordinary economy Mercedes cars into performance monsters. The AMG division of Mercedes has been in existence for 55 years now, and they have dominated the racetrack and the streets in these five decades. 

Whenever automobile enthusiasts see the AMG badge on a vehicle, they know it is a sign of serious performance under the hood. To celebrate its 55th anniversary, the manufacturer has decided to make a very exclusive GT3 edition 55 car. The machine comes with several hardware upgrades over the standard GT3, making it an ultimate track car. 

Powered By AMG

One of this vehicle’s biggest characteristics is that it is not FIA Homologated. What this translates to in terms of the spec sheet is that there are no restrictions whatsoever on the engine of the vehicle, along with the exhaust, aerodynamics, and curb weight. Taking these restrictions off has let the engineers use their creativity in creating the ultimate track car. It has, in turn, resulted in the 6.3-liter V8 engine producing over 650 HP; this happens to be a gain of over 100 HP over the standard GT3. Adding a performance exhaust also makes this vehicle much louder than it usually was. 

In terms of visuals, the vehicle has also been made to differentiate from the standard car. The interior of the vehicle is primarily dominated by carbon fiber and metallic finish paint, which look well in contrast with each other. Some exclusive touches to this vehicle include the seat embroidery, which says 55. Since this is no standard Mercedes AMG, it is factory fitted with a data display monitor which is powered by Bosch. This system shows every minute detail of the vehicle, including things like a G Force meter, lap timer, oil pressure, and throttle response, among many others. 

There is also an edition 55 graphic that comes up on the screen when the vehicle is started. Apart from this, the interior features no creature comfort as a large part of it is dominated by the roll cage and the carbon fiber bucket seat. 

A Breathtaking Exterior Design

The vehicle’s exterior remains very aggressive as it has an abundance of carbon fiber to reduce weight. At the front, the signature AMG Pan American grille takes a lot of real estate as the engine producing much more power needs to breathe better. The lower half of the front bumper also has splitters to aid aerodynamics. 

The side profile is dominated by the large 21-inch wheels, which are made out of carbon fiber, and the brakes beneath them are also carbon ceramic units. The door of the vehicle also gets a very special Affalterbach crest, and the lower half of the side gets the exhaust pipe. The gigantic rear of the car is also made of carbon fiber contributing to downforce, and it also gets the edition 55 badging. The paint shade of the car is known to be Alpine gray, and the contrasting red accents all over the vehicle do stand out a fair bit. 

The Exclusive Luxury 

Only 5 units of the AMG GT3 edition 55 will ever be made, making it one of the rarest and most exclusive vehicles on the planet. The price of this vehicle is expected to be over half a million dollars, and if a customer wants to have the FIA homologated version of the vehicle, it will be available for an added premium. 

Usually, automobile manufacturers introduce some unique design highlights to the exterior, interior, and mechanicals for limited-edition versions of their vehicles. However, Mercedes-AMG has gone the extra mile and thought of an out-of-the-box idea to make all the buyers of GT3 Edition 55 feel even more exclusive. 

There is a kit for all five prospective buyers with a specially-designed, tailor-made car cover featuring the 55th-anniversary logo and a box of gifts from Mercedes-AMG. This box also contains a chronograph Edition AMG Pilot’sPilot’s Watch from the Swiss luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen. The watch also has the chassis number of the particular vehicle engraved on the back of the watch case made from grade 5 titanium. In addition to this expensive watch, the box also contains a black textile strap. Mercedes-AMG will deliver this specially-made box of gifts to the customer at an IWC boutique in the buyer’s country. 

The Mercedes AMG GT3 edition 55 is an exceptional and valuable vehicle for the company, marking 55 years of unparalleled performance heritage. Launching this special edition vehicle is a commendable way to celebrate this occasion.