A Closer Look At The Maserati MC20

The Maserati MC20 is an all-new sports car by the Italian automaker who has outdone itself yet again.  The future […]


The Maserati MC20 is an all-new sports car by the Italian automaker who has outdone itself yet again. 

The future of mobility is changing fast towards electric vehicles, which results in the supercar and sports car segment slowing down on demand. Italy has been home to some of the most prestigious automobile manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. To break away from this chain, Maserati unveiled their all-new MC20 supercar, a stunning 2-seater sports car featuring an unrivaled performance. To make things even better, it has also launched a convertible version of this particular vehicle. The carmaker has included the best of both worlds, as when the roof is retracted, drivers experience the pure pleasure of driving a roadster along with the power of its spirited engine; the MC20 coupe is undoubtedly one for enthusiasts. 

While the standard Maserati MC20 continues to be on sale for the year 2023, the company has added a convertible hardtop which will be called the MC20 Cielo. It shares identical power and driving dynamics to the coupe variant; this beast now gets a convertible hardtop. 

A Surreal Design 

The 2023 Maserati MC20 Cielo is a mid-engine supercar with stunning proportions, resulting in a perfectly balanced 50-50 weight distribution, which gives it a better handling character and great driving dynamics. The butterfly doors of the vehicle are indeed eye-catching. The roadster version of the vehicle gets a special three-layer metallic ‘Acquamarina’ paint shade, and Maserati’s prestigious badge makes it irresistible for enthusiasts. Besides, the car has vertically angled LED headlamps upfront and the signature Maserati grille, which does look relatively small compared to the other proportions and results in a tipped forward stance. 

On the sides, it gets very smooth and clean lines that flow into the rear, and that’s where one will find the large air intake on the shoulders. At the back, the thing that grabs the most attention is the clean design of the tail lamps and exhaust tips. Since the roof retracts and goes into the boot, more mechanics are seen in the spyder version than in the MC20 coupe. Overall, the vehicle is precisely engineered to include critical aspects that make up for a great supercar. It is also said that the MC20 will lay the foundations for the future generation of Maserati cars which will be all-electric. The MC20, in particular, can very easily be mistaken for a Ferrari, owing to its elegant looks and exotic stance. 

A Mighty Powertrain 

Mechanically both the convertible and the standard cars are identical as they use the same V6 Nettuno engine Engine. The engine has a power output of 621 HP, and it even borrows its combustion system from a Formula 1 race car. The engine is mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and power is only sent to the rear wheels. As a result, the vehicle boasts a power output of 207 HP per liter, making it one of the most energy-dense engines currently on the market. 

The lightweight chassis and such immense power allow the vehicle to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in roughly 3.2 seconds, and flat out, the car can do a top speed of just over 200 mph. The power and performance figures offered by the Maserati MC20 might not be the best in class as some of its rivals, mainly Porsche, have a fleet of offerings in a similar price range offering a better value for money proposition. Although the entire body of the vehicle is entirely crafted out of carbon fiber, the weight of the vehicle still happens to be on the heavier side at 3757lbs. 

Its Stellar Interior 

Stepping inside the MC20 is a relatively easy task, and the interior boasts sporty seats that are placed very low. A word that is very rarely used in the automotive industry is simple. Most manufacturers try to overcomplicate things by providing multiple screens and a cluster of buttons to operate even the simplest functions of the vehicle. This is where the Maserati MC20 has the upper hand with a straightforward interior layout that features a digital gauge cluster up front and a touch screen system close to the driver. 

The touchscreen infotainment system and the digital gauge cluster are around 10 inches in size. The roadster is so special because it is convertible and features an electro-chromatic glass hardtop. Adding an electrochromic glass enables drivers to adjust the amount of light that comes through the glass. The interior also uses some pretty expensive materials to justify its hefty price tag. There is Alcantara on the lower half of the dashboard and Nappa Leather on the top, while the paddle shifters and some center console areas get a carbon fiber treatment. 

Overall, the Maserati MC20 is a stunning-looking sports car that has more than enough performance to back up its looks. Being offered in a hard top and a convertible format makes the deal even better, and with a price tag of north of $200,000 it certainly is a stunning Italian machine.