Everything We Know About The 2024 Maserati GranTurismo Folgore

Not so long ago, automobile enthusiasts talked about electric vehicles as a thing of the future, but as time passes, […]


Not so long ago, automobile enthusiasts talked about electric vehicles as a thing of the future, but as time passes, the future is closer to us than ever. The automotive industry is on a relentless charge towards electrification, and most Global manufacturers have pledged to go all-electric or bring in some form of electrification in their portfolio by the end of the decade. However, the rising environmental concerns caused by an internal combustion engine are a matter that cannot be ignored, and electric vehicles do have a massive advantage over them by cutting down emissions. 

Maserati, a well-known Italian sports car manufacturer, has also planned to bring an all-electric vehicle into its lineup. While the news about this vehicle has been floating around for quite some time, the recently-released spy photos have confirmed the plan of the Italian automaker. The car will be called Folgore GranTurismo, an all-electric GT that packs around 1200 HP of power. 

A Power-Packed Italian Beauty

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From what we know so far, Maserati has pledged to go all-electric by the year 2030, and the first offering by the company is going to be the all-new Gran Turismo Folgore. The Gran Turismo name has been familiar in the Maserati lineup as it was previously offered with the internal combustion engine. The Italian V8 was a screamer of a machine, producing well over 460 HP and 520 NM of torque. For a very long time now, Maserati has been quiet about its plans to develop internal combustion engines, and it is fair to assume that the company has diverted its attention toward making all-electric cars. The first electric to roll off the production line will be the GranTurismo Folgore. 

Folgore is also the Italian word for ‘Lightning’, and it makes perfect sense for Maserati to name the first ever electric vehicle in the name of lightning. The vehicle is said to be powered by a 3-electric-motor setup, distributed between the front and rear axles. There would be one electric motor up front and two at the back, ensuring an all-wheel drive system for optimal grip. The motors are said to be powered at an 800 V battery pack which would ensure fast charging as an option. The combined power output for these motors is expected to be around 1200 HP, which puts this vehicle into the ‘hypercar’ territory. Electric cars are known to deliver torque instantaneously, and with one step on the accelerator, they go flying. Considering the power output that the Folgore has, the 0-60 MPH time of around 3 seconds can be realistically expected. 

An Aerodynamic EV 

The vehicle’s design could be very similar to the previous generation GranTurismo with some subtle styling tweaks, which would aid the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency. The new design for the alloy wheels was the most noticeable change from the lead spy shots. The interior could also be given a new treatment, with some new tech making its way into the EV. A convertible version of this vehicle is also planned for some markets and is expected to hit the showrooms by 2025. 

A recent video of the vehicle was also released on the Internet, showing Folgore racing around the Nurburgring. What can also be seen from the video is that the vehicle won’t be running on a bespoke electric platform and is more likely to share most of its components with its gasoline-powered predecessor. Maserati’s parent company Stellantiis has been working on a new platform for electric vehicles, and it is confirmed that the Folgore won’t be the only Electric vehicle from Maserati in the coming few years. A crossover SUV named Maserati Grecale will also debut in the coming few years. 

The Price Of The Folgore And Other Honorable Maseratis 

Talking about the existing lineup of Maserati, the MC2 is expected to get an all-electric treatment and will be launched after the Folgore. Other vehicles like the Quattroporte and the Levante are also likely to go all-electric, while the Ghibli Sedan is likely to be discarded from the company’s portfolio. 

Considering how Maserati positions their products and lineups, The price of the all-new Maserati Folgore EV is expected to be well over $100,000 for the entry-level GranLusso trim. The GTS and the Trofeo, the more performance-oriented trims of Maserati, will cost around $130,000.