Hyundai’s Stunning New Flagship Sedan Will Make You Say, Genesis Who

Hyundai’s seventh-generation Grandeur big sedan, which has just had a complete redesign, is being referred to as the company’s flagship […]


Hyundai’s seventh-generation Grandeur big sedan, which has just had a complete redesign, is being referred to as the company’s flagship because Hyundai doesn’t believe that flagships should just be reserved for luxury businesses. Although the Grandeur has existed for many years in Korea, only two versions of the Azera, which was sold in the United States from 2006 to 2017, were offered for purchase.

Although we don’t see it returning to our market soon, the new model’s look makes us wish it did. Despite the lack of available mechanical information, we presume that the Grandeur will continue to operate on a front-wheel-drive, transverse-engine platform. It is surprising, given the vehicle’s high dash-to-axle ratio and exquisite proportions give the impression that it is a high-end, rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

It’s a design that’s a little more upright and less aero-eroded than has recently become the norm; while scarcely rectilinear, it borrows greenhouse and body proportions from a 1980s automobile, which we think adds a certain stateliness to the whole thing. The rear quarter window’s triangular shape adds a nice touch of contrast to the moderate fastback style.

The rear quarter design, in our opinion, has some of the best body cutlines, including the dramatic diagonal that rises from the rear wheel arch and flows into the crease that creates the little rear spoiler.  It’s good when designers acknowledge the existence of body panel lines and cooperate with them as opposed to battling them or making up stories to the contrary.

Even though it has an almost-retro feel, the black stripe that goes around the lower body and rises as it loops around the back is effective. However, it does feel a little tacked-on, that lower red reflector or foglamp at the base of the bumper. The model’s pure volume and superb sense of proportions, which mix luxurious and energetic stylistic elements, are among its most striking features.

The Seamless Horizon Lamp, modeled after the first light of dawn and complements the model’s wide stance and parametric jewel grill, defines the All-New Grandeur. The Seamless Horizon Lamp exemplifies Grandeur’s forward-thinking design sense. The actual headlamps are merged into the sides of the grille, which features a full-width crosshatch pattern, as has been the case with several recent Hyundai vehicles.

It’s possible that this image refers to a daring, one-sided, completely open design. Still, we assume it’s really simply there to reveal the interior, which is rather typical for a premium sedan. The dashboard is a long, uninterrupted LCD display, and Hyundai says the steering wheel was “influenced by the single-spoke appearance of the first-generation Grandeur” for first-generation Grandeur fans.

The new Grandeur’s powertrains are likely to be shared with the comparable Kia K8 big sedan, which provides a 296-hp 3.5-liter V-6 as well as lesser 2.5-liter and turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four engines. Most likely, all-wheel drive will be an option. Given that the large sedan market in the US has all but disappeared, it seems unlikely that the Grandeur will be imported.

However, a new Grandeur/Azera would undoubtedly find at least a few eager buyers if Hyundai wants to compete with the new Toyota Crown—so long as it doesn’t overstep Genesis’ boundaries.