Listen to the New Ferrari Purosangue’s V-12 Engine Revealed On Sept. 13

Ferrari is into the super-SUV clash with the Purosangue, whether or not that is heresy. Aston Martin DBX 707, Porsche […]


Ferrari is into the super-SUV clash with the Purosangue, whether or not that is heresy. Aston Martin DBX 707, Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, and Lamborghini Urus are just a few of the ultra-high performance vehicles that the newest prancing horse will compete against. The Maranello-based automaker Ferrari tweeted a date for the debut of September 13 along with a quick teaser of the exhaust note. The Purosangue is what Ferrari refers to as a Ferrari Utility Vehicle (FUV) rather than an SUV or even a crossover when referring to this new vehicle.

The same sloping shape is displayed in the teaser video, but we can see some angled headlights this time. The naturally aspirated V-12 engine that would power the Purosangue was announced by Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna in May. The business hasn’t officially ruled out a V-8 version of the car, but it’s also possible that it will acquire the same twin-turbo V-8 as other Ferrari vehicles. Unlike some other high-performance SUVs in the same class, the Purosangue is thought to put a lot of emphasis on how well it drives on the road.

Performance enhancements and off-road alternatives should be somewhat constrained. The Porsche has 631 horsepower, the Urus has 641 or 657 hp, and the Aston has 697 horsepower. We are unsure of the power output at this time. The 819-hp 812 Competizione and the Purosangue, according to our colleagues at Road & Track, may share a V-12, which would put the Ferrari at the forefront of the pack. Whatever the exact figure, it will undoubtedly deliver fantastic performance for an SUV, and we anticipate that handling will be comparable.

The Purosangue, which Ferrari says is its first-ever “four-door, four-seat model,” has been unveiled. The engine selection also reflects Ferrari’s distinctive approach to the Purosangue, an Italian term for the thoroughbred. The Purosangue will debut with a new 65-degree, 6.5-liter normally aspirated V12 petrol engine, despite the performance SUV sector being dominated by high-power twin-turbo V8s. At 7,750 rpm, the engine generates 725 horsepower, and at 6,250 rpm, 716 Nm. A compelling soundtrack and a V12 were required, according to Ferrari officials.

Ferrari has not yet announced the addition of a turbocharged V8, although it may be in the lineup in the future. Although the famous crescendo-like top-end with a frenetic 8,250rpm redline has been preserved, the direct injection V12 has been tweaked to generate 80% of its peak torque from 2,100rpm. All four wheels receive engine power via a 2-speed front transmission and an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission located in the rear. Ferrari made it abundantly clear that, although having all-wheel drive, the Purosangue is not an off-road vehicle.

According to reports, downshifts have been set to “emphasize the sound of the V12,” and shift times have reportedly improved over Ferrari’s previous 7-speed DCT. The Purosangue is the heaviest Ferrari ever, tipping the scales at 2,033 kg (dry). Performance, though, is on par with that of its low-slung brethren. 3.3 seconds for 0–100 km/h, 10.6 seconds for 0–200 km/h, and a top speed of more than 310 km/h are the headline figures. Carbon ceramic brakes that are standard on vehicles provide the necessary jaw-dropping braking performance.