Here’s What Made The Ferrari Monza SP2 Special

The Ferrari Monza SP2 is a rare, gorgeous speedster and is undoubtedly one of the best Ferraris ever.  Some cars […]


The Ferrari Monza SP2 is a rare, gorgeous speedster and is undoubtedly one of the best Ferraris ever. 

Some cars on this planet don’t fit a description of what a sports car or a supercar should be like. Some cars are just built to enjoy the sheer pleasure of driving, and aspects like practicality and price are not considered. These vehicles often end up being expensive toys for billionaires. One such category of cars happens to be the speedsters which are essentially street-legal vehicles without a windscreen or roof. 

Speedster as a concept of a vehicle isn’t new, and in fact, a famous example of this is the Porsche 356. While the Porsche was an old vehicle, some modern-day examples of speedsters are the extremely rare Mercedes SLR Sterling Moss, Lamborghini Aventador J, and the Aston Martin CC100. In today’s time, there happen to be some modern-day equivalents, and the best of them happens to be the Ferrari Monza SP2. The gorgeous Italian machine was revealed back in 2018, and people have been dying to see it on the street. It did not disappoint when the production version of the vehicle was ready. 

A Heritage Italian Machine

The vehicle is named Ferrari Monza SP2 because it is a two-seater speedster, and if one happens to be rather selfish, the vehicle can also be bought in a single-seater layout called Monza SP1. 

In typical Ferrari fashion, this stunning vehicle will be limited to a few production units, and according to Ferrari, just 499 units of this bespoke vehicle will be ever built. This number does happen to be a few more than the competitors like Aston Martin and Mclaren, but no other company apart from Ferrari has a long list of loyal customers dying to own one. 

A Power-Packed Performer

The underpinnings of this vehicle are shared mainly with the 812 Superfast, and that happens to be a good thing, to begin with, as the 812 Superfast is an extremely capable and potent Supercar. The configuration of the Monza is a front mid-engine layout, and perhaps it has the biggest bonnet in the history of automobiles. 

Underneath the massive bonnet happens to be a signature Ferrari 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. The engine’s output happens to be 789 HP, which is the most powerful in its class. The engine is mated to a 7-speed twin-clutch automatic gearbox, and the power is sent to the rear wheels only. This engine and gearbox combination allows the Ferrari to run the 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. 

Flat out, the vehicle has a top speed of around 186 mph, which might seem less compared to modern-day supercars and hypercars, but the whole concept of a speedster is about the driving experience and handling rather than outright top speed. Even the vehicle’s curb weight, which is close to 3000 lbs, indicates that this vehicle is not entirely tuned for maximum speed. The vehicle’s body is crafted primarily out of carbon fiber and titanium, and the design looks like it was made out of a single stroke of a pencil. 

A Design Marvel 

The long front nose gives it a very aggressive and tipped-forward stance, and the two-seater passenger cabin makes it look even better. The passenger compartment is divided into two parts by a carbon fiber panel running in between them; this panel also adds to the structural rigidity and stability of the vehicle. The 21-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels add to the visual drama, and the contrasting red color brake calipers are signature Ferrari design elements. 

At the back, the vehicle gets a quad exhaust pipe which makes a rumbling sound thanks to the V12 engine. The tail lamp happens to be a single continuous unit from one end to the other. 

Overall it is a car that seems sculpted by the wind. The purity of the styling elements impresses – an aesthetic that is futuristic but, at the same time, a respectful yet un-nostalgic homage to the past. 

On the inside, the vehicle gets a typical Ferrari corporate inspired by its Formula 1 car. All the controls are angled towards the driver, and the low seat height of the car also adds a sense of sportiness. The steering wheel also gets the Ferrari signature shift lights on the top, and a large part of it is crafted out of carbon fiber. 

The only downside to this interior is that the smooth flowing lines and design on the outside do not translate to a seamless experience on the inside. With a price tag of $1.8 million and limited production units, the Ferrari Monza SP2 guarantees exclusivity, and the Ferrari tag provides an unparalleled performance level. As such, there aren’t many speedsters in the first place; the Ferrari Monza SP2 is an exceptional vehicle coming from the prestigious Italian giant.