Verstappen: F1 Rivals Should Keep “Mouths Shut” Over Cost Cap Claims

According to rumors rife in the Singapore Grand Prix paddock, two teams reportedly exceeded the $145 million spending limit from […]


According to rumors rife in the Singapore Grand Prix paddock, two teams reportedly exceeded the $145 million spending limit from the previous year. Although there won’t be any confirmation of that until the FIA releases the findings of its financial investigation for 2021 on Wednesday, teams have publicly speculated that one of the teams involved is Red Bull.

The Milton Keynes-based team vehemently denied having overspent. Team manager Christian warned of further legal action against Mercedes and Ferrari if they did not retract their “defamatory” remarks. Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes, called the threat “noise” and said that the F1 paddock was merely waiting for a response on Wednesday.

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Verstappen, who is about to win his second world title in Singapore, claimed he was not impressed at all with the conduct of the opposing teams. When asked by if it annoyed him that his team was the subject of the gossip, Verstappen responded, “I know where it comes from, so…”

If there wasn’t a problem, the Dutchman responded, “Well, from what I hear from the team, yes,” when pressed further. “Naturally, when other teams have no information, they instantly begin to discuss it, which I find a little absurd. Just keep your mouth shut.”

Horner threatened to take action against Mercedes, but Wolff remained unconvinced because he stated he was certain the FIA would handle the situation properly. He described it as noise. “A process will take place on Wednesday. There will either be issued or not issued certifications of compliance.”

There is a mechanism and governance in place if someone has not cooperated. “As for me, I am absolutely sure that the FIA will act appropriately. So until then, everything is just chatter. And finally, the expense cap must be followed for us. They form the basis of the new rules. And I sincerely hope that all of the teams have followed through.

When asked if there was a possibility that the cost cap would be jeopardized if any breaches were not strictly enforced, Wolff responded, “So we are all aware that rules, whether technical or sports and now financial regulations, must be controlled and policed in the right way.” I have complete faith in the FIA and the procedure. The rest is noise because of this.

Lewis Hamilton may gain if Red Bull were judged to be at fault because a potential sanction could be a Championship point reduction for both driver and team. The Briton was included in the cost cap violation conversation in Singapore, but he remained silent when asked for his view. I’m not really paying much attention to it, Hamilton said to the reporters.

“The rules are regulations, and we have to take them seriously for those kinds of things, which might result in meaningful changes in terms of car performance. However, as I already stated, I’m not sure if it’s real or not, so we’ll have to wait and see,” the seven-time F1 Champion insisted.

At the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen captured the 2021 Formula One Championship for the first time in his career. It came after a contentious Safety Car period. Verstappen benefited from an additional race win after a protracted, heated rivalry with Hamilton that lasted the entire season. Both drivers began the final race tied for points.