Sergio Perez Calls Max Verstappen One of F-1’s ‘GOAT’ – With Good Reason

Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez watched Max Verstappen zoom to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix, and it inspired him […]

Max Verstappen

Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez watched Max Verstappen zoom to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix, and it inspired him to share some words of praise.

And Perez’s praise is built on some good reasoning – Verstappen continues winning race after race, and his total points have climbed to 46 after nine rounds.

Here’s what Perez had to say about Verstappen, and why he’s right.

Verstappen is the GOAT

On Sunday June 19 in Montreal, Verstappen roared to his 26th victory, while also marking his 150th start in the top flight.

With the British Grand Prix at Silverstone just days away, Verstappen is the easy favorite to keep his F1 champion status, and few playbooks are betting against him.

Grand Prix 247 writes, “Speaking to Fox Sports after the Canadian Grand Prix, Perez said: ‘Max is very good, a very complete driver. He’s without a doubt one of the best in F1 history, if not the best, for everything, his [racing] education and because he has things that other F1 drivers do not have.’

‘The special thing about Max is the ease of going to the limit, Max goes to the limit from the first lap, every change he makes to the car is important and it’s not that he changes his conditioning style, he always goes to the limit.’

‘The difference is always a corner, it is a level that demands a lot as a driver,’ explained Perez, a three-time Grand Prix winner at the age of 32.”

Not everyone is sold on Verstappen’s GOAT status, but if anyone would have a good perspective, it’s his three-time champ teammate. 

Is Verstappen Really the GOAT?

In order to determine if Verstappen is really on the rocket to superstardom or just really good, you have to look at other greats who came before. 

Grand Prix 247 adds this comparison of other drivers upon their 150th start:

  • “Belgium 2015. Vettel at Ferrari that year and had already four Titles to his name from 41 Grand Prix wins; he was 28 that year;
  • Malaysia 2015. Hamilton was driving for Mercedes that year and had already twoTitles to his name along with 34 Grand Prix wins; he was 30;
  • Germany 2010. Alonso was in his first season with Ferrari with two F1 Titles to his name thanks to his stint with Renault. Like Max, he also won on the occasion of his 150th F1 start; he was 30;
  • France 1993. Senna was in his final year with McLaren on 39 F1 victories and three World Titles to his name; he was 33.
  • Austria 2001. At Ferrari, Schumacher was 32 years old at the time, already with 47 GP wins and three F1 World Titles to his name;
  • Portugal 1989. Prost, driving for McLaren, was on 39 victories and a double F1 World Champion at the age of 34.
  • Canada 2022. Red Bull’s Verstappen is on 26 wins with last year’s F1 Title to his name; he is only 24!”

So while Verstappen may not have the win chops of some of his predecessors in the champion’s lineup, he definitely has the potential.

Greatest of All Time? It’s a pretty good bet.