Here Are the Best Formula 1 Drivers – and Why They Dominate

People have been debating who’s the best F1 driver ever since Formula 1 races first started. This debate has become […]


People have been debating who’s the best F1 driver ever since Formula 1 races first started. This debate has become more heated over the years. Today, we will give a clear answer to some of the best F1 drivers and also explain why they deserve that position. With that said, let’s compare the top 5 best F1 drivers.

Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers

This curated list of top 5 F1 drivers was based not only on their performance but also on the total number of Grand Prix wins each driver has in their career. Let’s, begin with number one:

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1. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a living legend that has won a total of seven F1 World Championships throughout his career. In fact, Lewis is the only driver with seven world titles in Formula 1 in the world, and that is quite the achievement. To date, this British driver has scored a total of 4258.5 points. He raced a total of 298 races and won 103 of them in 30 different countries.

Although he failed to win a championship in his first season, he became the youngest world champion, thanks to his win next year. Although he made a record of being the youngest world champion, this record has now been broken by Sebastian Vettel.

2. Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is another fine example of the best F1 driver to date. Back in the day, he was the face of F1 races with a huge gallery of wins. With his combination of passion, competitiveness, and gifted abilities, Schumacher changed the F1 game altogether before Lewis became the new face of Formula 1.

He first joined the F1 team back in 1996, but things weren’t quite rosy back then. There were a couple of ups and downs. It was the year 2000 when he first struck gold. As time passed, so did the number of wins and world records to his belt. He has a total of 48 wins and 5 world records.

3. Sebastian Vettel

There was a time when Sebastian Vettel was practically unbeatable. Although that isn’t the case anymore, he still holds more wins, world records, and more talent than many younger F1 drivers. Just within 3 years of his career, since he first started in 2007, he has won 5 races and taken 9 podiums. But that was just the beginning of his glorious career.

He broke Lewis Hamilton’s record of being the youngest Formula 1 World Champion and has held onto this title to date. As time passed on, he went on to win even more championships and wins in his career. But unfortunately, the regulation changes in 2014 didn’t do any favor to Red Bull, and he and his team quickly fell through the pack.

4. Alain Prost

Alain Prost once went toe to toe with Aryton Senna and created a bitter feud. It certainly gave Alain some much-needed attention. Although he is one of the fastest drivers in Formula 1 history, his main talent is his brainpower. It was his creative decisions and some really solid maneuvers that made him France’s first world champion in the year 1985.

He has won 51 victories and 4 F1 World Championships in his career, making him one of the best F1 racers back in the day. To date, he has secured 798.5 points. He remained at the top of his game before his retirement at the end of 1993.

5. Aryton Senna

Aryton Senna was one of the most legendary drivers in the history of Formula 1. He managed to win 41 races and 3 World Championships before his demise at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Imagine what he would have been now if not for his untimely death.

He may have died, but his soul lives on in the hearts of many motorsport fans. Even after nearly 30 years after his death, he still remains the benchmark for passion and pure talent. He scored a total of 610 points.

Wrapping Up

These are the best top 5 Formula 1 drivers that made special places in their fans’ hearts and the history of F1. These F1 drivers represent the best of what Formula 1 still is and will continue to be through their seer talent and the passion they have for F1 racing.