Italian GP: Ferrari Adds Yellow to its Celebration F1 Livery to Celebrate its 75th Anniversary

At the Italian Grand Prix this weekend in Monza, Scuderia Ferrari will compete with a dramatic new appearance for their […]


At the Italian Grand Prix this weekend in Monza, Scuderia Ferrari will compete with a dramatic new appearance for their F1-75s. The race drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will wear additional yellow touches on their race suits and F1-75s for this weekend’s action at Ferrari’s home race at Monza.

Ferrari presented the F1-75 with a radical new style for the weekend, with plenty of yellow splashed across the red paint and black inserts for contrast, after treasuring a new look for the weekend after Leclerc and Sainz emerged in new-look yellow T-shirts on the team’s social media platforms early in the week.

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This weekend at Monza, there will also be yellow accents in Ferrari’s hospitality and garage areas, and the team’s social media channels will showcase exclusive content all weekend. The tweaks will only be used for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix; following the Monza weekend; the cars will return to their regular livery.

The team revealed the one-time-only livery, including a splash of yellow on the front and rear wings and the engine cover. In addition, the team’s drivers, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc debuted their brand-new race suits and matching yellow and black outfits for the paddock.

The team has a reputation for maximizing internal events with a new livery; in 2020, they ran a burgundy livery in the Tuscan Grand Prix to commemorate their 1000th Grand Prix. According to a spokesperson, the livery for this weekend is “very much part of Ferrari heritage” when explaining its inspiration.

In addition to the fact that yellow and blue are the colors of the insignia of Modena, where its late founder was born and raised, Enzo Ferrari chose yellow for the iconic Prancing Horse design. Ferrari, which started as an independent constructor in 1947 before competing in its first F1 season in 1950, is still among the most successful teams to have ever participated in the sport.

Numerous yellow touches will be included in the F1-75 livery, along with black inserts. The front wing, the area around the halo, the engine cover, and the rear wing will all show the modifications only intended for this race. The latter section also sports the renowned “F lunga” emblem in yellow on a black backdrop; the same is true of the drivers’ race suits.

In essence, along with the iconic Ferrari red, yellow has always been a part of the Maranello brand’s DNA. Early in the 20th century, the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs designated red as the official color of Italian racing automobiles. Enzo Ferrari founded the Scuderia and entered Alfa Romeos under its aegis; he was forced to comply.

When asked to carry the Prancing Horse image by the family of renowned Italian war hero Francesco Baracca, the founder of the Maranello brand quickly chose yellow as part of the logo he developed. Yellow is, therefore, very much the secondary color for the Maranello marque.

He stated, “I made the background canary yellow because that is the color of Modena.” With Antonio Brivio and Eugenio Siena, the team won the Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours in 1932, and the emblem made its racing debut on the team’s Alfa Romeos. Since then, it has been a part of Ferrari cars.