Top F1 Races to Look Forward to in the Next 12 Months

When a major F1 rule change occurs, teams face a choice as to where to allocate their resources for the […]


When a major F1 rule change occurs, teams face a choice as to where to allocate their resources for the next season, which suggests that the pecking order will be significantly altered. For 2022, the expectation is at an all-time high due to an unprecedented scope of regulation changes.

This includes the return of several fan-favourite events, like the Singapore Grand Prix, as well as the return of crowds at the Monaco Grand Prix that are at or near capacity. However, there will be some brand-new areas to discover.

Why is Formula One so popular?

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Fans of Formula One are drawn to the sport’s technology and teamwork as much as the wheel-to-wheel racing and the scandals and rivalries that accompany it. How F1 races are distinct from other types of racing is due to this very fact: Formula One is the pinnacle of racing because of this.

Top 5 Formula One Events in 2022

You should make plans to attend any of these five F1 events in 2022.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the race that comes to mind when most people think of Formula One.

Spectacular racing through Monte Carlo’s famed streets, past a marina full of boats, and into the nightlife. Even if the VIP event for every sport is held in Monaco, it’s certainly a must-see for any fan. For a Formula 1 lover, it’s a must-see race with full grandstands and unique viewing locations overlooking the track.

The custom will change in 2022. Races will be held from Thursday through Sunday, with a Friday break, instead of the traditional Thursday through Sunday schedule. As is typical for most Grands Prix, practice sessions for Formula 1 will take place on Friday, as is the case here.

Saturday’s qualifying session is regarded as the most significant of the year because of the narrow layout of the track, which makes overtaking difficult. Spectating 20 Formula 1 cars racing around the streets of Monaco for two hours is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Singapore Grand Prix

For the first time in Formula One history, the Singapore Grand Prix was held at night. This year’s Marina Bay Street Event is the longest and most punishing race of the year, with sweltering cockpit temperatures and relentless loops through the city’s tough streets. But there’s so much more to Singapore than just driving about in a car. Every year, the biggest names in music perform for the festival’s attendees.

The Belgian Grand Prix

The weather has always been a factor at this fantastic circuit, and the 2021 event was canceled due to bad weather. In the summer, we’ve seen snow, and the circuit has experienced rain and sun. We’re convinced that the Belgian Grand Prix will return in 2022 with a bang, thanks to the country’s devoted Formula 1 fans.

The stunning Eau Rouge might see more action than ever before because to the new regulations, which are expected to push the field closer together and boost overtaking.

The Dutch Grand Prix

Our expectations were high for the return of Formula 1, but Zandvoort in 2021 exceeded all of our expectations. The Dutch fans’ excitement was palpable all weekend long, thanks in large part to Max Verstappen’s dominant performance in the championship. F1 hasn’t seen an atmosphere like this in a long time, thanks to smoke flares, throbbing techno, and partying Dutchies.

The event is set to return in 2022, and millions of people will watch in jealousy from their couches at home. We’ve secured ticket and accommodation packages for fans, so they can purchase a grandstand ticket and a hotel room in neighboring Amsterdam with confidence for the entire weekend, making things a bit simpler.

Miami Grand Prix

For the first time, the Miami Grand Prix Formula 1 event will be held twice in the United States next year. We anticipate Miami to go all out for the advent of the world’s fastest racing when a new track is built near the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium.

The place has the potential to be marketed as a contemporary version of Monaco, complete with high-profile personalities drinking champagne at beach parties. However, it will be more accessible to the general public thanks to a racing event being held in Miami Gardens for the first time. To create a ‘campus’ feel, the prospect of rooftop viewing spaces at the Hard Rock Stadium has also been discussed. However, the weekend will be memorable as Miami hosts the first Grand Prix in its ten-year contract with F1.

Wrapping up 

Getting to go to the track and see a Formula One race is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One of the advantages of watching a race on a street track is that you may get closer to the action as the cars drive by, which also means that the wind will blow in your face more frequently. These were our top picks for F1 races in 2022.