Everything You Need To Know About The Belgian Grand Prix 2022

The Belgian Grand Prix is perhaps one of the biggest and the most anticipated Formula 1 racing events of the […]


The Belgian Grand Prix is perhaps one of the biggest and the most anticipated Formula 1 racing events of the year. 

Formula one is considered the Pinnacle of Motorsport, and rightly so since it has millions of viewers worldwide. The high adrenaline Motorsport attracts a lot of fans from every corner of the world as it is a jaw-dropping display of high-performance machines around the race course at over 200 MPH. As exciting as it may sound, it is not one for the faint-hearted. The track also has a fair Heritage, as it has been open to Motorsport since 1925. The Spa regions of the Race Course have been associated with racing since the early years of racing. 

The 4.3 miles track is fairly challenging even for some Of the most experienced Riders and to go around this course 44 times is a physically and mentally challenging task. The entire length of the race is expected to be around 191 miles. What makes the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix special is that it will be the 78th time the track is being used for a Motorsport event and the 67th time the event has been held as a formula one world championship, and the 55th World Championship held at the Spa circuit. 

The Practice Races

The first two practice sessions are scheduled on the 26th of August, followed by the third practice session and the qualifying race, while the main event will take place on the 28th of August. Max Verstappen represents Red Bull racing and is the defending race winner. He leads the driver’s Championship by 80 points, and right behind him happens to be Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, who is further 5 points behind. Red Bull racing also happened to be leading The constructor’s Championship, followed by Ferrari and Mercedes. Max Verstappen would be looking to make it three in a row, followed by his victories in France and Hungary. 

What Are Technical Directives And The Debut Of TD09

There is also something special about the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix as it marks the debut of the new version of the Technical Directive TD09. What technical directives do is outline how the rules and regulations are applied. As the technology involved in formula one is ever-growing, and so is the cutthroat competition, the racing teams can take the development of their vehicle in directions that were not specified when the rules were laid down. The technical directives monitor the teams in a way that they do not break any rules. 

The History Of The Belgian Grand Prix

Talking about a bit of history of the Belgium Grand Prix. It hosted its first ever Grand Prix in 1950, and the fastest man around the track was Valtteri Bottas, with a time of 1:46.286. The driver who has the most wins on this track under his belt happens to be none other than the racing legend Michael Schumacher with 6 wins to his name, followed by Ayrton Senna with 5. Ferrari, on the other hand, holds the record for the most victories on this track as a team with 18 wins for the Italians, followed by Mclaren with 14 wins. During the previous calendar year, Max Verstappen managed to get a first-place finish with a time of 1:59.765. There was a time back in 1924 when this race track hosted a 24-hour-long endurance race similar to the Le Mans. 

The Circuit

Talking about the track itself, the Spa is among the favorite circuits for all Formula One drivers. The track comprises a mix of long straights and some tricky corners, allowing the drivers to push the vehicle’s limits. The circuit is even more challenging because one part of the race track could be drenched in rain while the other could be completely dry. This puts the teams and the drivers in a dilemma of which set of tires they should use. The level of grip can vary from one corner to another. 

Coming into this race, Max Verstappen is on the leaderboard with 25 points, followed by Lewis Hamilton on 19 points. Hamilton also holds the record for the fastest lap in the current year’s Championship with a blistering time of 1:21.386. 

It is bound to be an exhilarating race that will surely keep the fan on their toes and at the edge of their seats. The traffic conditions can largely determine the race’s outcome and the qualifying, which will give the drivers a good idea of how the race could turn out.