The Marshall Edition Mini Unites British Classics with Rock Star Swagger

What is the Remastered Marshall Edition Mini? Mini has a specially remastered edition known as the Marshall Edition Mini. For […]


What is the Remastered Marshall Edition Mini?

Mini has a specially remastered edition known as the Marshall Edition Mini. For car enthusiasts, the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is an updated version of David Brown’s Mini Remastered model. Hence, David Brown Automotive has released a limited-run version of its classic Mini, restomodded featuring unique styling and audio upgrades inspired by remastered Marshall Amplification. The audio upgrade unites the British classics with rockstar swagger.

Named after the famous British entrepreneur David Brown, this creation pays tribute to Marshall Amplification. This company gained popularity after legendary musicians like John Entwistle and Pete Townshend started using their amplifiers for extra volume. Moreover, the bespoke amp fitted in the leather-lined cargo area is only part of the restomod since the tiny hatchback boasts other tweaks. The Marshall Edition car has an exclusive Marshall Black paint contrasted with Marshall Gold accents.

How does the Marshall Edition Mini unite British Classics with Rock Star Swagger?

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Marshall Amplification was founded in 1962, so 2022 will mark as 60th anniversary. David Brown Automotive restores classic Minis with some artistic license & seeks to change that with an impressive run of Minis celebrating the 60th anniversary of legendary amp manufacturer Marshall Amplification. While Marshall, traditionally known as a guitar amp company, its product offerings often venture far beyond the realms of electric guitar gear.

But, the question arises, what does this have to do with cars? Well, it has nothing to do, but David Brown Automotive decided to create a unique Mini Remastered, as a Marshall Edition Mini, to mark the event. The special edition features a few unique designs, but most importantly, a fantastic set of styling and audio equipment features developed in collaboration between the two famous British brands

The restored cars will come in both left-hand and right-hand drive, while it will be adding a few more features specific to this particular model. The Marshall products in the car, such as a fully integrated bespoke Marshall DSL1 amplifier, take up residence in the leather-lined trunk, considered a meaningful upgrade in the car sound system.

Also, the dashtop mounted tweeters with the additional speakers in the car’s doors, including a charging point for Marshall’s launched Motif ANC wireless headphones in the glove compartment. Moreover, the company also integrated the Marshall Emberton portable Bluetooth speaker into the trunk.



Added a charging point, as mentioned earlier, to the glove compartment to charge the Marshall Motif ANC wireless headsets. The headsets come included in the package. The Marshall Edition Mini will continue the gold and black theme, with the gold finish applied to the handbrake grip, control panel, door handles, switches, pedals, and the center of the dash. The door cards will feature a special fabric in a nod to the speaker covers of the classic Marshall amplifiers. Meanwhile, the seats will be trimmed in black leather with gold contrast stitching, having the embroidered Marshall logos on the headrests. It also contains:

  • Pioneer infotainment system featuring Bluetooth with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system.
  • USB charging & connectivity.
  • Marshall 8-speaker surround-sound system.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Electronic power-assisted steering.
  • Remote central locking.
  • Electronic start/stop system.


Mini has a 1.3L or liter engine attached to a five-speed manual transmission gearbox. It has a 1,330CC A-series engine built at David Brown Automotive’s facility.


The Mini Remastered Marshall Edition will feature a unique interior-exterior color scheme, having a Marshall Black paint paired with the gold painted accents in a nod to the rock and roll aesthetic of the era, along with dark-chrome exterior brightwork. Even the brake calipers and wheel rims will be finished in Marshall Gold, whereas the 12-inch black wheels feature the M logo on the centers. Also, LED headlamps and a gold-painted mesh grille are designed to look like the front of Marshall’s audio equipment.

Final Words

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