The Rise in Popularity of the Classic Car Restomod

One of the hot topics these days – today’s young gearheads are the real reason behind the rise in popularity […]


One of the hot topics these days – today’s young gearheads are the real reason behind the rise in popularity of the classic car restomod. Driving this trend are gearheads, mainly under the age of 45. Restomod A resto-mod is a classic car that has been restored and modified with modern parts and technology. In short, the car looks the same until you look under its hood or reach for the radio inside it.

One of the reports concludes that the younger classic car owners are more likely to modify their vehicles. They often do the work themselves, so they learn and polish their skills, which must be encouraged. However, some people love customized old cars and hire professionals for this.

Best Restomod Cars

The concept is pretty alluring to get a vintage car, do several customizations with it, and add the best everyday driving feel such as comfort, usability, and more.

The Coolest Restomods Ever Seen

Since the demand for restomod cars is arising, we are here with a list of some of the coolest restomods saw: 

Mechatronik Mercedes-Benz Coupe

Mechatronik is a model which a classic Mercedes-Benz specialist rebuilds according to their customers’ specifications. One of the models they offer is the legendary W111 Coupe, powered by an M113 V8 engine. Mechatronik takes the desired car, strips its components, and meticulously refurbishes and upgrades them for the modern generation. The machine is rebuilt by hand with increased power for current customization; Mechatronik offers many features, including new and classic Mercedes-Benz exterior colors, nice-looking interiors, different leather shades, Makassar wood veneer and inlays, etc.


RUF is famous for its upgraded Porsche models, as they have also begun restoring and resto-modding their vehicles. One is the 964-generation 911, also known as the RUF SCR. While it may look like a resto-modded 911, the reality is that it is a brand-new car from the ground up. Porsche has especially taken care of the vehicle in terms of comfort and safety.

The SCR uses RUF’s carbon monocoque core with nicely sculpted carbon exterior panels and lightweight metal subframes. The car is powered by a naturally aspirated 8,200rpm 4.0L flat-6 that produces 510 hp or horsepower with a mechanical-feeling manual gearbox. Costing starts from $1 million.

Callum 25

The Callum 25 is also an example of a true modernization of the exquisite Aston Martin Vanquish. Ian Callum designed the Vanquish model of Aston Martin as he wanted to fix the car’s issues in production. Alterations include brakes, modern suspension, ECU or electronic control unit, and a gearbox choice. The main point with the Vanquish was its handling problem, which has been rectified in Callum 25. The interior also received modern touches, such as an 8-inch touchscreen, fancy upholstery, and more. The Callum 25, with a fabulous look, costs around $980K (USD).

Cyan Racing P1800

Cyan Racing, also known as the Polestar by Volvo’s racing team, has created automotive art with this project. They took one of Volvo’s most famous sports car models, the P1800, and completely revamped the entire vehicle into a new modified one. Since the exterior looks the same as the classic coupe, the whole design was redone in carbon fibre, and the engine was replaced with a 420 hp or horsepower turbo-4. It helps to send power to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. The car doesn’t get traction control as the brakes are not aided.

Eagle Speedster

“The Eagle Speedster” – one of the most excellent resto-modded cars ever made by the Jaguar. Based on the legendary Jaguar E-Type series, the Eagle has a new aluminium-made body but stays on the original’s chassis with heavy modifications. The engine was enlarged from 4.2L to 4.7L. The interior has the same design but is entirely changed to fit the new, slightly wider car. Eagle has produced multiple versions of the E-Types as all the projects show incredible details and meticulousness. Sure, it costs a lot, but reimagining one of the most important cars in automotive history costs more.

Singer 911 DLS

Porsche has many restorations and customizations over its lifetime. It also completed a major project known as the Dynamics and Light-weighting Study to form the basis of many future Singer restorations. The best restomod, Singer 911 by Porsche, offers proper resto-modded 911s, each having something that makes it unique and one of a kind.

The best version of the Singer 911 has to be the 911 DLS (Dynamics and light-weighting Study). The DLS here incorporates everything that Singer has learned into one fantastic car. The DLS engine comes with a custom 4.0L naturally aspirated flat-6 tuned, producing an incredible 500 hp or horsepower. The Singer 911 DLS ranks among the most gorgeous restomods ever seen.

Conclusion – The rise in popularity of the classic car Restomod

So, this is our list of the rise in popularity of the classic car Restomod. We’ll return with another exciting luxury car article for you soon.