Officine Fioravanti Unveils 200MPH Ferrari Testarossa Restomod

It’s one of the most classic cars of all time: the Ferrari Testarossa. With an instantly recognizable profile, a blend […]


It’s one of the most classic cars of all time: the Ferrari Testarossa. With an instantly recognizable profile, a blend of classic and futuristic features and a powerful engine underneath the hood – it’s the kind of car that inspires and excites.

That’s why Officine Fioravanti just made many car-lover dreams come true, unveiling the breathtaking 200MPH restomod Ferrari Testarossa. 

Past Meets Future

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It’s been reborn – the Ferrari Testarossa unveiled by the Swiss auto builder combines retro design with modern technology – the dream restomod marriage. 

The car boasts a rebuilt Ferrari flat-12 engine with 503 Italian horsepower, which can spin up an impressive 9,000RPM. 

Auto Discoveries writes, “There is also an electronic adaptive suspension with remote reservoirs and six-way adjustable roll bars, adjustable exhaust, traction control, plus ABS, Brembo brakes, a nose-lift system, and 12-stage traction control to keep the shiny bits upright. Inside you will find stunning brown cowhide upholstery, USB-C charging, and a built-in Gordon Gecko phone that was turned into a Bluetooth unit. Lucky owners will get [a vintage] Ferrari with the performance merits of a modern supercar.” 

At a Glance

It just can’t be said enough what a beautiful piece of machinery the Ferrari Testarossa is. The nose is slim, and the wheel base sits low enough to take any turn at speeds.

The side panels draw wind along the length, and the back end is just hefty enough to offer the perfect cornering without any worry of sliding out. 

With a top speed of 201MPH, the restored and modified Testarossa is comfortable, convenient, but most importantly – powerful.

Car Throttle adds, “Inside, a lot of the old plastics have been replaced with new aluminium trim pieces. There’s a new audio system with Apple CarPlay support, but it’s neatly hidden away. The cabin retains its period look and feel, right down to the presence of an oh-so 80s car phone. You can Bluetooth your modern smartphone to the latter and use it to make and receive calls, or just pretend you’re a successful 1980s Wall Street banker checking up on stocks of whatever.

Want one? Us too. We suspect it’s a little beyond our means, however. There are no prices just yet, but we can expect one in the high six figures at the very least.

It’s the kind of car you dream of owning – and a few lucky ones actually will.